My life as I have always known it, is about to end. I wish I could keep on living knowing that everything must come to an end, and that it's much better to make the most of it, rather than crying and regretting things that will eventually end up the same anyway. I'm ashamed of... Continue Reading →



I'm done. After everything that we've gone through, apparently there's still more shits to come. And I'm feeling really, really angry. And sad. And frustrated. And confused. OH MY GOD SURELY YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH PLEASURE WATCHING PEOPLE MISERABLE???!!!??!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST CUT ALL THE FUCKING SHITS?????!!! GIVE US TIME TO BREATHE AND BE HAPPY,... Continue Reading →

Morning Has Broken

So, 6 am really exists. I'm quite proud of myself to discover this new-found glory. The air was cool, the sun hasn't shone, the streets were empty, the security guard asked, "Okay?" Huh?????Really! He said that! What, now even the damn security guard knew that I'm not used to wake up at this hour?! That... Continue Reading →

Catching Up. Nothing Much.

Yesterday met up with Irene! She's such a sweet girl! We haven't met for a while, the last time being when she incidentally bumped into me, literally, bumped into my body at Watson! So imagine this, I was browsing around for..I don't know, let's say, for acne-foam (this doesn't mean that I have acnes at... Continue Reading →


I think I'm lacking motivation. Surely a girl my age is supposed to be...I don't know, energetic, enthuasiastic, full-of-life, grab every guy, oops, I mean, opportunity, passionate and eager?? Am I even among one of those things? Now, let me paint a picture, from tomorrow I'll be busy with classes and probably homeworks(oh let's pray... Continue Reading →

Update on The Interview

So I'm home! I survived the slow and painful process of self-humiliation! I think I'm a trooper! (ignore me, I'm a drama queen)Anyway just to keep you an update, turned out the interview I just attended wasn't for a permanent job, it's for a four-days aesthetic medicine conference and exhibition. Trust me, they don't need... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Morning

This is 10.30 in the morning and I just can't go back to sleep. Maybe cos I don't want to oversleep my interview? My going-to-be-a-disaster-interview? I can smell it from here, people! Anyway just a short post to describe how I feel waking up today, I feel crap. Why, you ask? Well, let's see, there's... Continue Reading →

Bad Day(s)

What is wrong with today, man? More like, today and yesterday?! I'm not just having a bad day, this is too much, okay! So here are some reasons why. By the time this entry is done, you'll be feeling sorry for me. Oh gosh, hope not. Or that will just confirm my patheticness and failure... Continue Reading →

The Ex-Factor

There's a reason why it's called ex. If you look at the dictionary, ex means after the fact, and its synonyms can be varied from done afterward, late, subsequent, to postliminary. But they all mean the same, they are all in the past. It's after, it's post! It shouldn't be wandering around in the street... Continue Reading →

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