Simple Act

It doesn't take that much to make my day and I'm not that hard to please. In this sense, I'm very sensitive, because annoying people piss me off tremendously and nice people just, well, make me happy, even when they come in various shapes and sizes. Oh, I mean, ages and..whatever. This morning I encountered... Continue Reading →


I’ve seen a better Monday

What certainly don't you need on a tiring Monday evening after a busy day at work? You might answer with one simple word, e.g, a stalker, or perhaps, more than one word, like, a fight with your boyfriend? Yes, yes, sure, that would be crappy.But, but, but! 'Low and behold! If my Monday could get... Continue Reading →


I have too many ambitions. In my head I have formulated plans to make money, to be a litte more creative, to do things others don't, to think outside the box, and to do something more. I don't plan to succeed much, but I want to do something I can be very proud of. I... Continue Reading →

Home for Wedding

I feel exceptionally tired these days because of daily ritual of school and work, but emotionally I'm so deliriously happy. Of course, there's a little fear too, fear that arises when you're with someone, fear which you can't really control. Despite the rational part of the brain telling you that the feeling is based on... Continue Reading →

Can’t Get More Random

Am just going to throw in some random, top-of-the-mind, probably (okay, most likely) insignificant, frivolous, and uninteresting thoughts.Friday at exactly 7.38 pm:I love Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's performance at the Oscar! Fine, so the show's ancient days ago..but I just saw the video yesterday since I have been busy and I didn't exactly... Continue Reading →

Just Been Busy

Yo 'all! Sorry for the abandonement of this site. I'm just preoccupied these days, writing in this has been the least of my concern, although it doesn't mean as bad as it sounds. I've changed workplace, and I have to say it was the right move. I love my work now and everybody's like one... Continue Reading →

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