I successfully have finished my pris…eh, I mean, internship time!

Last Tuesday it was a day of many ‘lasts’. It was the last time I would have to wake up at 6.30 am, it was the last time I would make my way to Tanjong Pagar, sweating and panting halfway walking to the station (you wouldn’t believe how hot it could get at 8 freaking am!), it was the last time I would walk past Amoy Food Centre, it was the last time I would get inside my building and tap my card after nonchalantly glancing at gorgeous men from RMJM (their office unit’s just next to ours), it was the last time I would make my usual Milo drink for breakfast at the pantry, it was the last time I would sit in my desk, facing the super-scary-if-you-work-directly-with-her-but-nice-when-you-don’t Manager of Media, it was the last time I would work with my great colleagues and supervisors, oh the list goes on and on and I realize how dramatic I made everything sound.

But it’s true! Couldn’t help feeling rather sad about it, it truly was a great experience and everyone has been so nice and encouraging I couldn’t imagine being in a more friendly working environment. The account director even already prepared a recommendation letter before I had to request it and what’s written inside made me blush. It was such a glowing review that I had to wonder whether they actually have a template already and they just had to pluck in my name. Well, that’s not a good thought.

So since then, I suddenly have all this free time and I feel like I have to do something. It’s like having your routine disrupted. I still wake up early even though I don’t have to, and I miss the sense of importance, the picking-up calls and sending mails. Man, I’m such a dork.

Yeah, so work’s pretty much done and I’m leaving in 2 weeks roughly, wow.

Fortunately since yesterday I have been occupied with going out with friends and mate’s in town so Jap and I have been meeting him up a lot. Give it a few days and I’m sure I will be running out of things to do.

Vibees, will miss you guys.