Shame on me! Shame on me! Shame on me! SHAME ON ME!!!

I had tequila last night. Yeah, yeah, please ‘boo’ me, and feel free to throw me any kinds of objects! I really do have a bloody loads amount of self-control. Yeah.

Blame my friends. Well, no, don’t, bless them.

We were trying to get drinks at Butter Factory, and the queue was as long as The Great Wall. What should one do to get a drink around here, for goodness sake? After more than half an hour, we headed to Arena, but you know how the lychee martini there is like. Very much dilluted, pretty much tasted like syrup and extra sweetener. Are you sure this is martini, mate?

At this point my friend demanded shots of tequila. But I’m not anything if not thruthful to my own words! Suddenly having an Obama moment, I held up my hand, harden my face and said, “No, no, no! NO NO NO tequila! It’s a CHANGE we can believe in!”

I continued to babble on and on about how it took just a second to finish tequila and we wouldn’t have had the chance to savor it. So I insisted to just get a jug of vodka lime.

Know how long did it take for us to, supposedly savor it? Well, a few seconds, tops. Man, who are these people?! Looks like tigers which have just been released from their cages! Deprived of alcohol! Die, die, must finish!

So, as expected, the vodka did little to our systems, and by the time we reached Attica, we were still reciting poems and solving trigonometry.

So one friend looked at me, a triumphant look on her face. “WE SHOULD HAVE HAD TEQUILA TO BEGIN WITH!” I noticed a dissapointment glance too, as if saying, “Tina..I thought you knew what’s best for us..You’ve let me down…” And she marched to the bar and ordered five shots.

And that’s how I broke my own commitment I just made a day before.

After which, they started to sway from side to side, wink to cute guys in pink, bat their eyelids to the bartenders, and pout sexily when the camera flashed!

Man, man, man! The power of tequila!