So Cool.

Hi guys! Just a quick puke of update. I'm having exam tomorrow morning, now it's past 1 freaking am and I still have absolutely zero mood to study. So zero that Coke can't even beat me, gosh I'm in such a deep trouble.I guess I really have to start eventually, like now! Yes, yes.Today cool... Continue Reading →


Easy Breezy

I just did my interview at the embassy this morning, and despite a minor setback, like, catching a semi-heart attack because I got there late, everything went really well. I met Fairuz, Aaron and Gerry there 'by accident' so we ended up having a laugh while waiting. I must have spent at least four hours,... Continue Reading →


You are never really alone.I like looking at night lights; there's something calming and eratic about it at the same time. I can't imagine living in a place where everything's dead past six o'clock.I'm really looking forward to this trip. I love travelling, it's just I haven't been able to do much of it lately.... Continue Reading →

I tried, I conquered, I’m leaving.

Now it's only a week and two days left 'til I'm done with my job contract. I've learned, I've braced through the worst, I've had fun, I've been stressed out, I've ran through every imaginable emotions possible. After almost two months planning and preparing for the event, it's finally happening, but not without its own... Continue Reading →


Was feeling spontaneous today.So I ignored my conscience and went for the unlikely.So it's Jung instead of dude now, huh? 😉

Not quite too good to be true

This is the guy who had a $100 dining voucher and didn't even sigh finding out that day was past its expiry date.Who called the girl up to let her know he's going to get her whatever she wanted from Shenzhen.Who made sure he treated her friends right, who insisted on holding her bag eventhough... Continue Reading →

No Promises

Maybe the problem isn't the people; it's the perception that things last forever, that whatever's lost can be found, that we live in this ideal world where there are only heroes and no villains.I don't call myself an idealist, I know plans can go wrong, people can change, life goes on, and that's that. But... Continue Reading →

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