what was so funny??

"I left my heart in San Diego..." we said loudly on the bus to the Strip in Vegas.Two black guys in front of us suddenly turned around, their conversation stopped midways."You left your heart WHERE?????????" they asked, shocked and were on the verge of laughing.


San Diego

Having no more priviledge of being driven around everywhere, we had to make our way to San Diego the old fashioned way. Well, by train. That is old fashioned, considering I had never even once taken public transportation in my own hometown, and trains and buses in Singapore do not count! They're way too...um..maintained. Okay,... Continue Reading →

LA: On the way to Disneyland…

It was right on Christmas Day. We were excited to go to Disneyland, and we were paranoid since we've been hearing (although I had no idea from whom) that one wouldn't have enough time in a day to explore the whole Disneyland, so being kanchiong like we were, we already went out at 9 from... Continue Reading →

The New Daddy.

Dad is in town.I haven't seen my big man for...well, way too long, I suppose. He was here last Christmas, but at that time I was busy being selfish and wasting his money away in the Land of Freedom. Anyway, I was really excited to see him, but nothing could have prepared me for this.... Continue Reading →

Woooo! San Fran!

I'm officially a stalker...................................of San Fran.No, seriously. I am.Through here you can watch live view of the city twenty four hours a day, and I've checked it like, for the hundreth times today just to ogle.(eventhough it's basically night time there so you can't see much but lights.)Since it's live (duh?), you can also see... Continue Reading →

something else

Dammit, dude, you're the only one who speaks words like “manifest destiny” and “question authority”, and you listen to Martin Luther King's speeches, get excited over civil rights' day, watch series called “From the earth to the moon” about Apollo program, and found books on “Web design for ROI” and “Web Analytics” entertaining.You constantly amuse... Continue Reading →

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