Have you ever been in a situation when you were put in a spotlight to tell a story you don't want to tell, because oh, well, it's either a)embarrassing, or b)not funny? So, there you are, having dinner, let's say, with a big group of friends, and then one of your friend says, "hey, tell... Continue Reading →


the bay

Sent from his iPhone.The amazing view of The Bay, taken from his office. Feels like I'm back there.

Amusing States Mottos

[caud] and I have talked about all imaginable topics we can think of. We rant and slur our ways into total insanity. We yell things like 'fuck normality!', 'random disposition!' and 'cave of oblivion!' without making any sense.On an ordinary afternoon many months ago, our conversation suddenly got to the topic of states' motto. It... Continue Reading →


He's her seasonal listening ear, her occassional supper friend, and she's perfectly happy with the arrangement. She likes it that way; that she doesn't need to see him on regular basis, that both of them know they will be there for each other whenever any needs arise, that there is never any pressure in their... Continue Reading →

Random Likes

I like.....The sound of soda drink as it's being opened.The salty, particular smell of the rain I can never quite describe.The smell of onion and garlic in the frying pan.The few seconds before meals.The rule of diminishing pleasure.My bolster.Black-rimmed glasses.Glass tables.Learning new words that not many people know.The feeling of touching new, fresh books.The sound... Continue Reading →

Just my luck!

Wanna know what I concluded yesterday? Well, my conclusion sucks, but it's true; I have shit for luck. I think I have been yammering about this before, I just think that there's something wrong with my allignment in the stars when I was born or something, but I just might be one of the unluckiest... Continue Reading →


I miss these people!!! We used to be the foursome, the potluck girls, the Carrie-Samantha-Miranda-Charlotte-wannabe, the football fans, the inseparable party buddies! Now we just have our own friends and things going on. I mean, that's life, and everything can't stay the same, I guess. But they are still the best!Remembering the time when Elsa... Continue Reading →

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