A side of change

June is here! And I'm welcoming it with wide, open arms! Wide as my waistline and as open as the skeletons in my closet.It's going to be a month of change, (well, yeah, from May, obviously. It's time to flip a new page in our organizer, start afresh, yada yidi yada) but I foresee it's... Continue Reading →


Night at the Salsa Club

I just came back from salsa club, where I had my first ever salsa lesson! Well, I didn't go there particularly to dance salsa, 'cos even before learning it, I knew I would suck. Sometimes you just know things! Actually, I came there to celebrate!I should probably tell you that I received an amazing news... Continue Reading →

Nervous wreck

I am extremely nervous. I'm quite astonished that I get to be this tense, which means that subconsciously this must be pretty darn important.I know I want this, but I can handle rejections. I will be dissapointed, but at least it's me, it's easier to handle. But my dad and my sister are having high... Continue Reading →

for you. on my own.

It has been such a ride, and I'm grateful for your presence. You've been there, and that's all I could ever ask. I know we both said we're gonna do this, and that, but it's not like I haven't been here before. It's okay, we don't have to. Everything has to end eventually, right? I've... Continue Reading →

Being Unlikely

When you're a gemini, it's easy to make excuse when you behave a little out of the ordinary. "Hey, I'm a gemini, I have split personality," you would say, as if that explains everything. Duh? But when you're a Capricorn like me, and you act differently, suddenly people think you've lost it. What's signs got... Continue Reading →

This great hotel website

Movers and shakers of the world!(Isn't that an empowering opening or what?!)Some of you are probably wondering (or not), about this big banner right here on my right. Why am I suddenly putting a travel site?I used to have a lot of family vacations when I was growing up, and it's something I would never... Continue Reading →


I'm staring at this notebook-sized piece of paper, glued to the wall by cheap tape right in front of my desk, and feeling rather pathetic. I tore the paper out of a journal page, and wrote down dates under each column and called it 'a montly planner.'Pathetic because, a) I can't even afford a nicer,... Continue Reading →

weirdly inviting look?

My sister said my default face looks 'dumb' (thanks, sis, I love you too!), but it mustn't be the case. It must have looked either bored or strangely inviting.The reason for saying this, and I'm all for science here, meaning everything must have a reason and cause, motive and evidence, is that I learnt about... Continue Reading →

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