Remind me to always count my blessings.

New layout again! I lurveee it! (yeah, and I said that before.) This is the thing about having a short attention span.Anyway, can you guys believe it's almost July? It's literally, the second phrase of the year already. I can't help asking myself, what have you been doing? But I'm determined to just think positively... Continue Reading →



My precious!!! ♥I ♥ Sundays! Wake up late, have homemade lunch, chill and unwind by the pool, read a book, what could be better than that? 🙂

Weight and Yoga

My yoga mat is so cute! Definitely the cutest one in the class! Yep, I've been doing yoga every week now, and I'm loving it! I'm not into intense working out (such as running and pretty much almost all sports there are), but yoga is definitely one of the really few exercises which I enjoy.... Continue Reading →

Attica Friday

So yesterday night I was out in Clarke Quay with my two friends, again. I realized lately that I have been there much more than I normally do, not that there's anything wrong with it. Sometimes it's not much of the partying-aspect of it, it's just the feeling that you get when you're inside a... Continue Reading →

Close to Swine Flu

How do you guys feel about swine flu?Well, it's a retarded question, 'cos any pandemic diseases are terrible things. I actually just wanna talk about it in a more personal level.In news gathering class, we learn that proximity is as an important factor in news writing as prominence, or even timeliness. Although, yes, there is... Continue Reading →

Cab drivers

Choosing a cab is like, choosing your food at dinner. Choose wisely and you may end up with complete satisfaction and sweet memories, and crap choices leave you with upset stomache and a case of diarrhea.The reason I said this, because at times your fate really lies in the hand of a cab driver, hence,... Continue Reading →

I’m in Love

[This is written in a rather dramatic effect, but all circumstances are real.]Last night was the night that I saw literally, the man of my dream.You know that epitome of your ideal guy? The exact picture of someone that comes to mind whenever people look at you and ask, "so, what's your type?" You say,... Continue Reading →


My playlist changes every so often. It's important to listen to certain music when you're experiencing different emotions.Some Clay Aiken and Maroon 5 remind me of my youthful existence, while Horseshoe Road simply transports me straight to the country where there's nothing much but land and greens. Natasha Bedingfield makes me feel girly, James Morrison... Continue Reading →

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