Barely Here

I guess this is as good time as any to give you a short update on what I've been doing recently. It can be summarized in one word: work.Meh. Where has my youth passed? Well, seriously. I know I've had my crazy partying days, but that doesn't mean my time is up and I am... Continue Reading →


To get away

My travel bug is starting to itch. Real bad!

..Must Come to an End.

You're off the hook. I've never really put much faith in all that "if you love someone, set them free" crap, as evidenced by everything I've done in my life up to this very moment, but I am determined to be happy. Happy in this life. And I love you. I mean, I always-- I... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day

I remember being thirteen years old, sitting in my room all night, listening to the same song over and over. I thought that if I could write something beautiful, something honest, I could make someone love me.

From the heart.

Last night I had a dream about my mom. I haven't dreamed about her for a while and it took me by surprise that she appeared in it yesterday.It felt so real and the whole dream must have lasted for long because, I don't know. It just wasn't something you forgot straight away when you... Continue Reading →

Ghostly experience?

Oh my god! So, I'm gonna share something a little creepy here. I was probably half hallucinating, half dreaming last night when it happened. I was in a lethargic state as I was so tired from the long weekend.So I was in bed, and I kept tossing and turning for some reason. Although my body... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day

You are your hair and your eyes and your thoughts. You are what you look at and what you feel and what you do about it. The light from the sun is still a part of the sun. My thoughts of you are as real as any part of you.

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