To Someone.

Dear You,

Glad to know you’re doing well, thanks for reaching out and saying hello. I know it’s been a while! And I know you’re happy now, I hope you could look back and remember our memories in nothing but fondness too. That’s all I want!
One of the most important lesson that I learnt from knowing you and having spent all the time that we have, is that it is okay to trust someone again. Never judge a book by its cover, never assume and lay judgment on people when you haven’t made the effort to get to know them.
You were my wild card. I thought that you would be one way – but you proved to me otherwise. You were nice and caring and funny and truthful and gentle. Despite your sarcastic and nonchalant front, I think you are genuine and lovely and I feel lucky to have known you. 
So, whoever you are with now, I think she is lucky to have you and I know that you are truthful and loyal and caring to her too, if not more. Continue on being yourself and enjoying life and laughing your silly laughs and… keep on loving!


Hope you week has been great! If not, check out my awesomely bright dress (which oddly looks so much like a cheongsam here!) When all else fails, look a brighter colors!