20 Questions

It feels like forever since I last wrote in this blog. I missed the freedom and time when I can freely write at my heart’s content! Somehow time is so scarce these days as I work from 10-7 and it’s taking pretty much my whole day every day!

Anyway, since this is the first time I wrote her after a long-year hiatus, I thought let’s do the 20 Questions tag! Let’s see if I could give half-decent answers for these..

3 turn offs… 1) Lack of passion/enthusiasm 2) Rudeness. Can’t stand ’em. 3) Lack of manner (i.e: people who makes chewing noise when they eat

3 turn ons.. 1) Positivity and energy! 2) Wittiness and love for random conversation 3) Black-rimmed glasses

Phobia: Frogs!

Celebrity crush: I have a lot! Haha. But at the moment it’s probably between James McAvoy and Tom Welling

Smoke/drink: Social drinker but I’ve never smoked in my life!

Favorite movie: Before Sunrise and Before Sunset 🙂

Name: Err.. what does it mean? My name? My favorite name? Haha.

Favorite band: Changes every time, but right now I have to say probably One Direction ‘cos I’ve been listening their new song ‘Perfect’ on repeat!

Favorite music artist: Sam Smith!

Embarrassing memory: Too many to recount! Haha. Probably a toss between the time I peed in public in a bookstore when I was (debatable) err.. very young.. err.. and the time I actually cried (genuinely sobbed) because my sister said my favorite Backstreet Boys’ member has a sunken cheek.

Last thing ate: Tomyum cup noodle!

Last text received: Literally 1 minute ago from a colleague who said he got 3 days mc

4 things I hate.. 1) insects 2) fake people 3) mind-games 4) dishonesty

4 things I love! 1) The character Pacey from Dawson’s Creek *swoons* 2) TV shows! 3) Travelling and seeing the world 4) Quotes, song lyrics, meaningful quotes. I basically love words.

Random fact: I’m actually an introvert

3 People I miss.. I only have one: my mom!

Tattoo I want: I never really thought of getting a tattoo but if I have to get one, I prolly will opt for a meaningful quote

A regret: Not behaving and making my mom proud when I still had the chance.

Wish at 11:11: Being able to spend the rest of my life travelling and experiencing new things

Craziest thing done.. You don’t want to know. I’ve done pretty crazy things.