Another Lovely Weekend

My sisters and I got new phones this weekend and we tell ourselves we definitely need to test those new cameras (yeah right!)

Typical weekend for us will be something like this. Grabbing lunch, having our weekly bubble tea (or recently, I’ve been obsessed with the ice coffee from Ya Kun, it’s amazing), followed by shopping sprees from Sephora (it’s a given) and clothes brands!

We did exactly that today. (We are so predictable.)

First, lunch at Face to Face Noodle Shop in City Square Mall.

The noodles are actually pretty good. It’s rare to find good noodles that suit our Indonesian taste buds here in Singapore. This by no means is really comparable to our favorite noodles back home but it’s amongst the better ones I’ve tried here.

Here is their signature pork noodles with Ice Honey Lemon for me!

After lunch, we went to Nex and shopped around in Sephora and I bought this lovely highlighting and contouring pallette from Nyx (S$38). I just decided to give this a go ‘cos I’m a fan of Nyx soft matte lip cream and hopefully their contour set is as satisfying as their lip products 🙂

(I was eyeing the Tarte pallette, but why do you have to be so expensive!)


The price is not so cheap for a Nyx product, but I guess you get quite a handful of colors and products in there. I am excited to play around with this!

After some damage yet again from Sephora, I also bought a top and a romper from MDS Collection. They are just so pretty!

And.. some obligatory playful photos!

My dress is from Zalora and the bag I’m carrying is Michael Kors (my sister’s. I’m just posing!)

Oh weekend, why do you have to pass by so fast?

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