I’m going to Korea.

This is another example of never saying ‘never’.

I used to always tease my friends who liked seeing Korean dramas, K-Pop bands, Korean guys or anything Korean because I was like, “Err.. How can you like guys who wear make-up and look like they spend double the time I spend getting ready?”

Okay, that’s very judgmental, but hey I like judging. It’s my favorite sport.

But guess what. I’m not saying that I am into all those things now, but I am certainly at the point when I do enjoy watching Korean dramas and even find some Korean guys cute (And, when Song Joong Ki starred in a Korea tourism ad and invited you to visit Korea, one simply does not say no.)

(My past-self is totally judging my present-self now.)

And of course, now that I love make-up so much, think about how awesome it is to go shopping for all those beauty products in Korea?! It’s not just about the boys, okay?!

And this is just another universe’s way of saying ‘See, Tina, you mocked your friends? How dare you? See who’ll be mocking who now!’

Which brings me to this other story that happened many years ago when I first came to Singapore…

For some reason, at that time I was always approached by Indian guys randomly wherever I went. And you would think, oh yes, maybe because at that time, you go to clubs every week right? What would you expect?

No! Indian guys would approach me on the street, on the train, and even in the library. And why always Indians, I also had no idea.

At least if it were different races of guys, I could argue that my look is so ‘multicultural’. (Yeah right. I can see you rolling your eyes from here.)

My friends, obviously, loved making a joke out of this, saying I have the aroma to attract Indians.

(I shall give you some time to appreciate how kind my friends were.)

And I used to say, no! Never! It’s not my taste, I would never consider dating an Indian.

(Universe: “What’s that, Tina? You just said ‘never’? THAT NEVER IS NOW!”

I used to take a specific bus to get to work at that time, and it became a routine to be on that bus on a particular time as well. (I must board the bus by 8:40am, or I’d be late.) So after some weeks taking the same bus, I started noticing this fine looking gentleman who was always on the same bus.

He was also on his way to work. How did I know? (Because I stalked him, he always wore nice formal work shirt and his hair was neat and his sleeves were rolled..

(There’s just something very attractive about guys wearing rolled sleeves.. I’m not the only one, am I?)

Well, what are the chances?

The guy was an Indian!

A fine, mocha-skinned, tall, broad-shoulder, sleeves-rolled Indian in all his glory.

So, see what I’m saying about how the universe has such a funny sense of humor?

Nothing ever happened with that Indian. I could only admire him from afar (as far as the bus length goes), because I was an innocent, demure, and shy girl.

I wonder where he is now.. Is he married.. Does he remember a girl who was always on the 8.40am bus with him many years ago…

Knock it off, Tina!

Anyway, it’s good to be back to blogging about my ridiculous experiences. I promise you I have a lot more interesting stories to share! Since it’s a new month, I will try my best to blog more about anything and everything under the sun.

I suddenly remember a story about how my friends and I went to a university’s house party in a… police’s car.

*shakes head*


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