Must-Try Face Mask: LUSH

I don’t know what goes inside a LUSH Face Mask (gold? diamonds? pearls?) but it really works for my skin.

Here, just take my money already.




I have a combination skin, and what it means is essentially that my skin is in puberty. (Existential crisis: am I dry? Or oily? GAH, I can’t decide!)

And besides, LUSH masks are totally natural and they smell wonderful. After applying and rinsing it off, my skin really feels smooth and supple!

What magic is this?!

It’s not the cheapest in the world and it’s only good for 2-3 weeks’ time. I myself had to throw a few because I couldn’t finish it in time, and my heart (and my pocket) was crying. But I guess that means you’re really getting the best quality of the product.

My favorite is the Peppermint Mask and The Sacred Truth.

I’m currently trying out Innisfree Clay Mask, so will post a review once I form an opinion. Meanwhile, stay pretty!


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