Frat party in a police car

We were young, we were carefree, we were shameless.

It was another day during our university exchange program in the States. At that time we were very excited and daring (I remember partying with a group of friends at a bar outside campus a night before we even had our first class, literally on the day that we just landed.)

And the people whom we went out with was this group of guys that a friend of mine just met on the plane on the way to the States.

It hardly sounds safe at all, but please refer the young-part above.

Anyway, after probably a few weeks there, we got invited to a house party by this American senior in the university and being us, of course we excitedly said yes.

I think it was 5 of us, all girls, who were going to go to this party. We didn’t know anyone besides the guy who invited us there, and it wasn’t even at his house. We were given the address of the party, and I can’t remember whether the house was on-campus or not. It probably was, since our plan was to walk from our campus residence.

But bear in mind, the campus area was huge.

And the fact that I forgot about so-called venue is quite alarming to me. I’m either very forgetful or my mind has subconsciously blocked this memory.

I remember us getting ready for this party and left our residence somewhere around 6-7pm maybe? And it was winter at that time, so it was freezing cold and we were huddled in our thick jackets, trying to find this place.

We probably had no data at that time, which was why we couldn’t really just google our way there. After about an hour trying to make our way, we realised that we were, one hundred percent, lost.

By this time, the night was getting late, and we weren’t making any progress. During this whole expedition, we subsequently went inside this building just to seek warmth. I remember 5 of us sat around on the floor in this random building, chatting away and trying to figure out what we should do next.

We didn’t want to admit defeat and drag our silly ass back home, because.. the party! We were nothing if not full of perseverance… (at the thought of cute university boys waiting for us.)

Sigh. Tina, you’re shameless.

I can’t remember how long we stayed inside the building, but it must have been quite some time. My friend was trying to text this guy who invited us to get help but we were still stuck.

It was probably 9pm by this point, and what happened next was either really smart (or totally ridiculous) on our part.

During one of the classes we had, we remembered our professor saying that the university had a campus police. We were given the number in case of emergency if we ever need assistance.

AH yes.

“We need assistance right now, we’re lost, we’re cold, and we need to get to this party. Let’s call the campus police,” said no sane person ever.

However, we were not sane people.

So that’s what we did. We called the number for the campus police. We told them where we were and they sent a unit over to our location.

The police came in a legit police car. The officer came out and looked at us.

“Officer, we’re trying to get to this house for a party, and we’re lost.”

(My brain totally blocked off the next part cos I couldn’t remember the officer’s reaction. I assumed he must have had a major reaction to our stupidity bravery.)

He must have been in his very best mood ever (maybe his wife just gave birth, he probably has just won a lottery, or hey, maybe he just got promoted!) but he actually offered to drive us to this said-house party.

So there we were. We stuffed ourselves inside this police’s car and he drove us right to the entrance of the house where the party was in a full-blown mode.

To say that we made a memorable entrance was an understatement. We came in a police car! The look on the guys’ faces. Their jaws dropped. They probably thought the police came to tell them to lower the noise down or to check on the party.

Instead, he was dropping us off… to party with them.

Anyway, we thanked the officer profusely but at the same time, was very embarrassed about how we made use of a legit police campus to take us to a frat part.


This is the part where you applaud us for being very resourceful. *ahem*


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