What I’ve Learned in 2016

Another year has passed. Isn’t it crazy how time flies? I have barely blinked an eye, and here we are, at the brink of 2016.

This year has been a roller-coaster of emotions. It’s the year of being challenged – having to believe in myself and pushing myself more than ever. I have been tough on myself, beating myself up and feeling not good enough at times. Yet, it’s also the year of realisation that things are never as bad as it seems. It’s about having the circle of people you can rely on entirely, and love you when you are not at your best self. It’s about their encouragement, support, friendship and invaluable perspective that I needed more than ever in those challenging times.

I got engaged this year. When I think about my younger days, I’ve always known that I would find my special someone who could make me go weak in the knees and would fight for me (simply because I’ve watched too many drama at that point and my romantic expectation is at level high because of Pacey Witter – of course, a fiction character), but now that I am in that relationship that feels safe.. I know that loving someone is an action we have to choose every day, and it may not be all fireworks and full of passion like how I used to think.. but it doesn’t make it any less real. I’m so very grateful for you, and for all our adventures and moments together, and I know we can only have more memories in the future.

In other aspects, I had many challenges this year that made me question my own capabilities and it taught me to be tougher, to be bolder, don’t ever be afraid to speak up. People, and circumstances were often disappointing – I knew that. And it really messes me up. Shouldn’t everyone be fair and treat others respectfully? Shouldn’t appreciation come naturally instead of being demanded?

Life’s never fair, people tell me time and time again. What to do? We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control what we can do about it. This year, even more than ever, I am reminded, that nobody will look after you, but yourself. You are your own biggest asset. Do what you can to make yourself happy. Because if you are not, then what is the point of it all?

I learnt to rely on my friends and people around me who have always shown their love for me through their actions; not just through words. That is what we all need to remember.

It’s the year of gratitude for people who have gone out of the way to lend me their advice and wisdom through their mentorship.

2017, I hope you will be nicer to me. I can’t wait to see what you will bring and I am excited, ecstatic of the possibilities and opportunities I may face next year. The sky’s the limit, if you just try your hardest!

Happy New Year!



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