5 Reasons why Daredevil is the best Marvel series on Netflix

Okay, it’s not like there are a lot of Marvel series in Netflix to begin with, but I digress.

Ever since I started watching Daredevil, I was immediately hooked. I look forward to every night to go home from work so that I can continue seeing this amazing, bloodshed, totally believable and the amazing performance by this cast.


Pre-Daredevil, the only superheroes series I have gotten to love is Smallville.. and that was ages ago! Although, can you remember how hot young Tom Welling was?!


(Oh hello there, you can save me anytime, Clark.)

I tried seeing Gotham and I did not like that at all. Flash or Arrow did not interest me even the slightest, so when I saw Daredevil popping up in my Netflix, I was skeptical at first.

Oh boy, I’m glad I gave it a try.

Anyway, 2 seasons later, we are in that period of terrible waiting time until the new season comes! And I can’t wait! Marvel released other series on Netflix: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Tried seeing Jessica Jones because of the high rating and many positive recommendation from friends, but even that disappoints. I found Jessica Jones very draggy at times – and the characters involved are not as riveting (I mean, aside from herself and Kilgrave, what’s even the point of the other characters?) And after a while, her character just slightly bores me.


(Doesn’t being an angry, reluctant, anti-hero tire you Jessica?)

Luke Cage was the same. It started out promising, but I felt that the plot was very ‘self-absorbed’. The series basically is just about him escaping his past and how it came back to haunt him. The villain was underwhelming. And the ending was very non-conclusive and satisfying as well.


(Ok, you’re strong and bulletproof. I give you that, Luke.)

I’m currently seeing Iron Fist and my final verdict has yet to be decided. I’m only on episode 6, and so far it’s been alright. It started out very slow and draggy, but it’s getting better now. However, I don’t really enjoy even Danny Rand character – he’s very naive, too idealistic and childish. Surprisingly, I’m growing to like Wade – at least his character evolved and it’s interesting to see where he will end up. Joy seems like a useless character at this point – but I have a feeling she will play an important role in upcoming episodes. I’m waiting for a biggest twist.


(Angsty bro?)

However, still, none of the other series could match the greatness of Daredevil and everything it brings! Hallelujah!

1. Awesome cast


(Avocados at Law unite!)

Amazing ensemble, everyone just plays their shit out of their role! Nobody is out of character. Everyone is believable, their chemistry can be felt and each role plays a part. Charlie Cox is the perfect Matt Murdoch, I can’t think of anyone else excelling in this role as him. Even Karen – a character I dislike, is portrayed perfectly and annoyingly as it intended to. The supporting characters – Foggy, Claire, Ben, and everyone else is just as great.

2. Powerful, bloody and realistic fighting scenes

Oh shit, the fighting choreography here is just da bomb! Don’t you guys remember this iconic scene that’s completely 1-take?


3. Amazing plot


There are so many elements in the whole series that make it just so… whole and riveting. There’s Matt’s personal struggles and childhood stories, his relationship with Foggy, Karen, Claire, Stick, Elektra that is at times separate and with its own arch. Then again, on top of all those inter-personal conflicts and relationships, there’s a bigger story with Kingpin and The Hand. Aside from being Daredevil, we’re also shown Matt’s personal side as a lawyer and keeping everything together. It’s just so wholesome where everything ties in together.

4. Riveting villains (that you can’t help but root for – somehow?)

wilson fisk

Wilson Fisk and how he’s portrayed in the series is very terrifying. Amazing casting once again! Aside from being a sadistic, evil, manipulative and ruthless villain, we’re also shown a different side of him – his childhood and love interest. It’s refreshing to see a different side of someone, especially a villain. And in season 2, he’s totally back and still as powerful as ever, even in prison and I can’t wait to see him again in the next season!

5. Charlie Cox. Just Because.


You. Are. Welcome.