Expectation vs Reality ;)

At the end of the work day on Friday, my colleagues would pose me this question, “So, what are you going to do this weekend?” In fact, that’s probably the first thing they would ask on a Monday morning as well, and I always wish I could reply them with a list of the amazing things I did over the weekend which would leave them speechless.

This is what I would like to happen:

“Oh, you know, I just flew to Bangkok for a shopping spree. It was FAB! You have to see how many pairs of shoes I bought!”


“Funny you should ask! On Saturday I went to Breadstreet Kitchen and dined with Gordon Ramsay.. He cooked the dishes personally for us, we had champagne.. ah it was lovely!”

I’m sure THAT would make a wonderful story. But instead, this is what actually happens on most occasions:

“Er. Nothing, really. Slept the whole weekend away.”


“Oh, you know, really glamorous, thanks. I stayed home, ate instant noodles while watching reruns of Gilmore Girls..”

Nope. Not glamorous at all.