“Rum and Coke”

Last month, one of my best friends came to town to attend our mutual friend’s wedding. She’s probably the second friend I made when I first came to Singapore. I still remember going to the class not knowing anyone and she sat behind me, and we started talking animatedly as soon as we knew that we both were Indonesians.

Yes, Indonesians are very loud, especially us!

One of the funny stories I would always remember was when we went to Ayam Penyet after school one day. I think it was four of us, all Indonesians, and we were chatting as usual, having fun and being silly teenagers (I probably talked about boys, what else?) As we were talking, suddenly the shop manager came over to us and said,

“Wah! Only four of you?! I THOUGHT there were so many people!”

We bursted out laughing and it was so hilarious how she was upset that we made so much noise in the restaurant which wasn’t even packed at that time! Isn’t it better for the place to be more lively with our laughter, rather than being dead quiet? Isn’t that bad for business?

Hahahaha! Anyway it’s still one of our funniest running joke until now, whenever we see each other. But you get the gist about how much fun we’ve always had when we got together.

It’s been almost a decade since we graduated and my friend actually went back to Indonesia for work. But we kept in touch all this while and always made a point to visit each other whenever we could. Anyway, see I got distracted again as I was about to tell a recent story!

So she came around and we met during the wedding and as usual, we made a lot of havoc and I felt bad for the family that sat in the same table as us because we kept gossiping and they were like, errrr.

At one point (actually, it’s more like as soon as I reached), we wanted to grab some drinks. (It’s right after work on a weekday, a girl needs her drink!) So she and I made our way to the bar, and my friend kept telling me that she wanted gin and tonic, or rum and coke.

Me: Err.. Weddings typically only have beer or wine.. Sometimes maybe vodka, but not gin and tonic, or rum and coke..

But she wouldn’t have it! She wants her rum and coke, or else!

Us (to the waiter): Can we get some drinks?

Waiter: Sure, what would you like?

My friend (while batting her eyelashes) : What do YOU have? 

Waiter: Beer, white wine, or red wine..

As expected, we asked for beers.

As the waiter made his way to the beer to take our drinks, my friend immediately saw a row of already-prepared drinks at the counter. The drink was dark-colored, and she moved closer and asked the waiter loudly,

“Is this rum and coke?” while pointing at the drinks.

The waiter blinked for a second before answering, “That’s Coke.”

Hahahahaha! I laughed loudly and my friend kinda masked her embarrassment before saying, “oh…”

Actually no, I don’t think she was embarrassed at all, hahahaha!

From then on, the same waiter kept coming over to our table and replacing our beer with new glasses before we even asked for a new one. He probably thought we were a bunch of drunkards haha!

Another funny story happened at the same night when the live band at the wedding was asking for song requests from the guests. We decided to dedicate “When You Say Nothing At All” to the bride.

My friend grabbed the song request paper that was in our table and she scribbled down the song title along with the singer. Once she finished, she handed me the paper to pass to the waiter.

After I saw what she wrote, I almost fell off my chair!

She has written,

Song title: “Nothing Hill” by Ronan Keating,

Simiiiiii Nothing Hill?!!!! Hahahahahahaha.

First of all, yes this song is the soundtrack of the movie Notting Hill, but… HAHAHAHAHA! She was like, “Oh yaaaaaaaaaa..”, slightly embarrassed.

Again, I don’t think she was really embarrassed..

Good thing I caught the paper and it hasn’t made its way to the band!

There’s never a dull moment with my friend around and that night we had so much fun catching up and relieving good ol’ days!




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