My June Favorites

Wow, another month has passed and what a great one it has been! I’ve been really busy with work and I’m also overwhelmed with a new sense of motivation to better myself, to think about my future, finances, skills, and I started reading more and learning new things.

It’s such a great feeling – and I’ve been told that when motivation strikes you – the best way is to act on it now. Do not wait for tomorrow, do it right when you’re feeling motivated. But hey, I think that’s for another post altogether!

I’m writing this at the comfort of my new bedroom, with the fresh white sheets and accompanied by a soft instrumental music on Spotify from my Google Home, which I’be been loving! Ah yes – we are getting to that!

Google Home Mini


I got this last month and I didn’t think I would use it this much. It wasn’t planned, my sister was at an IT show and saw this promotion to buy 2 Google Home mini at just less than $50 each. So I said, “sure.”.

Even my boyfriend teased me by saying, “You would probably use it for the first few weeks and not ever use it again.” Well, says someone who always comes over and asks Google to play his ol’ Elvis or Beatles Songs! Who’s using it more now!

Now, on to some beauty products..

Maybelline Superstay Long Wearing Foundation


This is officially my new favorite foundation, and hey, it’s a drugstore brand! Well done Maybelline! I don’t have to spend 50-60 bucks worth of foundation from Sephora when I can get an even better product from Watsons 🙂

I love, love this formula! It’s really long lasting and it stays matte the whole day, because I hate having the sticky, oily skin by the end of the day, and this doesn’t get to that at all. The coverage is great, the finishing is beautiful, there’s no chemical smell, and it blends super easily too.

It beats the Kat Von D (hate the smell), Tarte Rainforest of the Sea (too watery and not full coverage), and even the Urban Decay Naked foundation that I used to swear by.

Nyx Born to Glow Highlighter


Been loving and sporting this highlighter every day and I love how it looks on my skin! It’s brightening with a great glow (but not too much), and I’m using the rose gold bronze color so it does make your face look like you’ve just been to the beach.

It’s only available at the Nyx store though, so it’s not very convenient to get my hands on the product as there are only 2 stores around now in Singapore. But yeah, I’m loving this so far!

Sephora Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick


Hey liquid lipstick, I’m back!

I’ve recently gotten into the liquid lipstick craze again and man, I love, love this formula from Sephora. I think this is my favorite liquid lipstick ever.

It’s smooth and very easy to apply, it doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry, and importantly, it’s super long lasting and it doesn’t budge even after I drink coffee, and eat a proper lunch. Usually I hardly touch-up at work. And usually liquid lipstick is so drying and it leaves your lip all chapped and cracked, but this doesn’t! They have a bunch of colors too so there are plenty to choose from.

Me? I’m loving my reds and mauve!

The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Face Mask

body shop

I’ve actually bought this last Christmas but I’ve only started using this again recently. I store the mask in the fridge, so when you do wanna use it, it’s super refreshing and cooling, The texture itself is a bit coarse, so it’s supposed to exfoliate your skin nicely. The smell is great, and actually after you put it on, it immediately gives you this warming sensation. I leave it on for 15 mins and after rinsing it off, my skin feels clean and bright!

I’m excited to try on new products next month! One of them is the new Colorpop No-Filter Foundation that everyone has been talking about.

What’s YOUR June favorite products?


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  1. I feel like an odd ball out. For some reason Maybelline Foundation did not work for me and I was so excited for it! I even posted about it haha! But I am glad it worked for you and became one of your new faves! Hopefully their next foundation will makeup in my monthly favorites!

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