It’s been over 2 years since my last trip to Japan and I’m so excited to finally be back this year!

(Yes, I’m planning for a trip at the end of the year – my graduation from singlehood!) And as I was looking at the old photos from that last trip, I realized that I haven’t really blogged about it, so here it is!

“Better late than never!” says a procrastinator, always.

Just an epic-fail story, at this time I recently got a new camera prior to the trip and me, being all inspired from seeing Jenn Imm‘s travel vlogs, thought hey, I’m gonna film lots of footages in Japan and I’m gonna work my editing magic and create a fabulous video! ISN’T THAT THE BEST IDEA!

Yes, A for Idea, but F minus for execution.

To be fair, I did take a lot of footages, but most of them consist of random scenery shots, sightings of beers and chefs behind the counters, and they definitely DO NOT WORK COHESIVELY when you try to piece them together in a single video.

“Ah I still have so much to learn!” I told myself. (What is this, a fiction book Why am I talking to myself?)


Since it wasn’t our first time to Japan, we sort of have our own go-to places that we like going, so I didn’t take many photos there. Of course we went to Takeshita street at Harajuku to check out Disney store and look for crepes!

Other than that, we went to the usual Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Tsukiji to shop, eat and explore! We couldn’t get enough of checking out BIC Camera shops and Don Quijito for random stuffs to buy and of course, Tokyu Hands for kawaii stationary! Really guys, Japan has the cutest things – I mean, who’s still using stickers and sending letters these days? No one, so why did I end up with so many stickers and pens and letter sets and posts-its! And of course, frixion pens! My life’s changed since!

Okay I’m being tad dramatic, but erasable pens? WHAT! Take all my money!

At Tokyu Hands, my boyfriend was being kinda geeky too. He went looking for this ‘device’ to place plastic bags for trash. Supposedly, that wasn’t available in Singapore, so he’s like, “let’s buy this now and this will be for our new house.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Most people would think of furniture, and my boyfriend thought of plastic bags-holder.

(Fun fact: Yes, we are using that in our place now.) I have never felt so mature.



We also had a day-trip to Yokohama. I love, love Yokohama!

There’s Cup Noodles Museum where you can make your own cup noodles and see the different packaging of cup noodles from years ago when it was just created until now. I wouldn’t say this is absolutely a must-go, but I had fun!

My favourite part of Yokohama is definitely its pretty night view with the giant ferris wheel that displays amazing lights installation slash performance every hour.

If you’re a big Terrace House fan like me, you would remember this scene in the Boys and Girls in The City season as Misaki’s date spot when she went with Hikaru (and was rejected) and Yuuki (where he confessed his love!)

Just. Look. At. This.


Funny story: My boyfriend just proposed to me on this day (21 May – which is our anniversary date) and we purposely waited for the time to reach 21:05 in the Yokohama ferris wheel to take a photo. Haha, as you can see, we had a practice first to find the best spot for our picture.


Okay, almost there…


And yay, we got it!



This trip, we also got to check out Kyoto. Ah, I loved our AirB&B in Kyoto – it was huge improvement from our place back in Tokyo so it was a great start!

I loved it so much that I would purposely find excuses to buy food back to eat at the house. One night when we were having dinner in the house, I almost burnt the place down because I wanted to boil water, but I added too much water in the kettle that it started spawning hot gas and hot water everywhere. (I’m sorry, AirBnB owner.)

Fushimi Inari Shrine

If you were to google places to go in Kyoto, Fushimi Inari Taisha would be top on the list. It’s a beautiful and scenic shrine with a long pathway for people to walk through, surrounded by this majestic-looking pillars.


By the way, it may not look tiring, but it’s actually a very long trail, and if you keep going, you can hike up to eventually reach the peak.


Before you enter the shrine, there are many people selling fruits and drinks too. I guess the locals are like, YOU TOURISTS DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING YOURSELF INTO!

Ah, throughout the way, I saw many people walking in kimonos too! So cute!

If you’re interested to come here, you can read more in this Japan Guide article. Would definitely recommend you to visit!



If you’re in Kyoto, you should definitely come and visit Nara. It’s known for its friendly wandering deer! Look at them!


They are so chill! Probably so used to humans touching them that they’re just like, “meh. I’m still going to take a nap here.”


Funny story happened here; I previously blogged about this funny incident where I thought deer eats ham.

Er, in my defence:

  1. I wasn’t thinking
  2. The food that they sell for us to feed to the deer does look like ham!


(Random thought: My red hair looks so good here hahaha! Shameless.)

OK, fine sorry. Let me get back to the regularly-scheduled program. The deer is definitely more attractive than me, so here. A close-up shot of this deer that knows her best angle.


Look at this badass deer with its horns! He can seriously inflict damage on me! But he’s just sitting there #likeaboss.


My boyfriend loved the deer – he kept feeding them. Me? I’d rather not, because as soon as one deer smells food, the rest would come in pack and they would start surrounding you and that’s kinda intimidating for a scaredy-cat like me.

So fine, I left all the feeding to him. (Which is what I prefer in all other scenarios too.) Feed me! FEED ME!


Let’s just say that if Arashiyama were a guy, I wouldn’t hesitate about saying I love you after a first date.

(So I guess in this metaphor, Arashiyama must be a tall, blond guy who’s smart with a sense of humor and black-rimmed glasses and shy smile… okay, we get it.)

First, just come visit Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. I’m not the best at taking picture, but in the midst of these tall bamboo grooves, you’d really feel like you’re in another world.


I know now why Japanese are so nice and polite. How can anyone be upset when they see this sighting? HOW?!


And another reason why I love Arashiyama so much is because of Togetsukyo Bridge. It’s the central landmark of this district and wow. Just wow. We walked through the bridge to find this viewing place where you overlook these mountains, rows of traditional houses and rivers.

It was just right before dusk and in the evening wind, just sitting there and admiring the view – it’s got to be one of my best moments throughout this trip. So, so lucky to be alive to be experiencing this! There are so many beautiful places out there to see.


For my upcoming trip this year, aside from the usual Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto, I’d love to check out Hokkaido too! If you guys have any recommendations of the attractions and things to check out there, feel free to post on the comments below!