So it all began with a 8-hours flight from Singapore to Brisbane, excruciatingly-long transit of 7 hours in Brisbane airport, and followed by another 4 hours to Christchurch.

Truth is, this travel arrangement would be annoying, but bearable because I usually could just sleep through anything, including storm and earthquake (a lil’ exaggeration never hurts), but that day was really bad because I fell sick.

I started having fever during the transit and I had to scramble to look for medicines. Thankfully, the airport had a convenient store, but it was just over-the-counter medicines, so they weren’t very strong and effective. I felt worse, and the transit area in Brisbane airport was this small square with only consisting of one or two restaurants, two gift shops and probably that’s it.

There was nothing to do but laying down and feeling miserable. When you were sick, you had no energy to do anything anyway. But I must’ve fallen asleep multiple times and still, we had to do more waiting. (It’s like I’m in this never-ending loop of going in and out of consciousness.) My dad even asked someone if there was probably a doctor we could see in the airport, but there wasn’t.

Finally we boarded a smaller plane and I concussed again. We landed in Christchurch at night time, and we reunited with my sister and cousin who landed slightly earlier than us.

We quickly went to collect the car we had rented and out we went! I was still sick, but it was exciting being in New Zealand! It was summer time but it was pretty chilly for us!

Here’s a picture of our place where we would stay for the next 2 nights.


Once we arrived at our place, I crashed again and it got worse that my sister decided to go to the pharmacy to describe my symptoms and get stronger medicines. After taking those, I went to sleep.

As I shared the bed with my younger sister, I remember waking up at night feeling like I’m burning. My body was omitting so much heat from my fever that I think she must’ve felt it too.

Woohoo FEVER GIRL! Take that, Human Torch from Fantastic 4!

The following day was eventful slash uneventful for me because it was my birthday but I still felt super sick so I had to stay behind while my folks went out to explore Christchurch. We only planned to have that 1 full day there before making our way to Lake Tekapo. I slept most of the day and got up in the evening feeling slightly better and my sisters came back, bringing a birthday cake.

Look at this most miserable birthday picture of me in pajamas after sleeping all day.


But all those rest and medicines were finally doing their job cos I felt much better the following day and I could enjoy the rest of the drive and trip!


Next part I would share our experience in Lake Tekapo which was amaaaazing! It was so beautiful-out of this world place where we had many unforgettable moments. Til next time!

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