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Current favorites from Mac Lipsticks

“Hi everyone, my name is Xteena and I’m a lipstick addict…”

“Hello Xteena..”

Now that we’ve got that introduction out of the way.. I’m a lipstick junkie! I think I’ve been collecting and buying too much lipsticks for my own good (until a friend of mine who once stayed in my house for holiday said she didn’t have to go to Sephora anymore; she could try on lipsticks all day at my place..)

I mean I know I only have one lip.. but.. I.. gotta.. have… them.. all..


Anyway! Recently I’ve been going back to basic: which is loving my Mac lipsticks! After my liquid lipstick phase, it’s great to indulge and turn back to my Mac lipsticks collection. They are great! The range of colors is amazing, they are pretty long lasting, and very versatile depends on how you want to rock it.

I thought in this post I will share about my favorite shades that I always use every day. And these are all different variations of reds – with matte finish because that’s just how I like it. 😉

#1 Ruby Woo

rubywooOf course. Because Ruby Woo is that perfect red shade that just miraculously looks good for every skin color! I love this because it’s a bold, quintessential color that would make every outfit for every occasion.

#2 Russian Red


Russian Red is another great red color to rock – it may look pretty similar to Ruby Woo at first, but this red is actually a little bit darker and deeper. If Ruby Woo is the perfect red – this is probably one shade darker.


#3 D For Danger


Ah, I totally love this color as this has a hint of plum! And boy, don’t I love plum shades for lip color. It’s not that eye-catchingly plum though, it’s still more red than purple – so you can still pull it off if plum lipstick may be too bold for you.

#4 Diva


Probably my most favorite and go-to dark lipstick, this is Mac’s Diva! I love how dark and vampy and sexy this color is – but not too dark. I recalled seeing this color for the first time on a youtube video, and I was like, “oh my goodness, what color is that! I have to have it!” and I bought it the day after.


*Victim of advertising*

Even though it’s dark and vampy, I feel that it’s not too dark that you would feel too conscious wearing it.

There you go! My go-to colors from Mac, what’s your favorite? 🙂



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Korean Beauty Brands I Absolutely Went Crazy For!

So guys, as you know, I just came back from my virgin trip to Korea a few weeks ago, and honestly, I’m already counting down to the days that I can come back there again! I absolutely love Korea!

(This is something that if you were to tell the five-years-ago-me, you would have received so many eyerolls you couldn’t even count . But hey, I’m mature enough to admit when I’m wrong. Because WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN TO KOREA UNTIL NOW?!)

But anyway. I just decided that I will absolutely make up for the times that I deprived myself of the experience of being in Korea.. and their awesome beauty products. (Brb while I check out Tripadvisor for any flights promo..)


Ok, I’m back. No cheap flights yet. I can continue writing.

So in this post I shall not go into too much details of the trip itself (I shall save it for the next post because hey, any excuse for writing and I can relieve the trip more), but focus on the beauty brands that I absolutely went crazy for over there!

If you are my friend on Facebook or Instagram then this first brand would probably come at no surprise. I mentioned this so many times, you would think I’m a shareholder. Or an ambassador. Voluntary, unpaid ambassador, more like it.

A side note, the brands that I mentioned here are those that I personally went gaga over. Some are those that I bought for myself, and therefore could vouch for, but some are those I purchased as gifts because they were too cute!


Oh my goodness, Innisfree, wouldn’t you take all my money already! And I said this as if I can’t find it back home, which I’m already a fan here anyway, but man, in Korea, Innisfree is on another level! Their stores are so much nicer, and some of the products are only available in Korea! So if you were there, I highly recommend you to check it out! Over the 10-days trip, I think I visited Innisfree stores more than 30 times. I was still even buying stuffs on the last day of the trip because they just launched this new makeup collections (blushes, eye shadows and their customizable palette that is so adorable!)



We bought tons of their It’s Real Squeeze Face masks because they are awesome and you can buy one at less than S$1 (the retail price here in Singapore is S$2 each)! We bought so many that I think I have enough stocked up for 1 year worth of masks!

I’m also loving their various BB cushions! I got the Ampoule Intense Cushion, which I realize is not available in Singapore for some reason. It has UV protection and 24-hr coverage without any dryness. What I noticed was that, when I was in Korea and wearing this, my face tends to be more shiny which I did not like at first. But when I wear this in Singapore, I don’t encounter that issue and I’m loving it! Also, who doesn’t love the cute cushion packaging that you could choose yourself?

Aside from these, I also got their other products, like their Green Tea Sleeping Masks, Green Tea Seed Eye Cream, Green Tea Face Cleanser (their green tea collection smells super good!), some of their newly-launched eye shadows and blusher, and their nail stickers!

Side note, we also managed to visit their original store in Jeju, which hosts a cafe with amazing food and drinks presentation too. Innisfree, I think I’m ready to take the next chapter with you. Will you marry me?

Tony Moly



This is one of those beauty collabs that are too cute to pass up! I have not tried any Tony Moly products before, but I got plenty of their Pokemon collection for gifts, how adorable are these! Now I wish I would have bought some for myself 😉


Their lip tints which are equally adorable! I got some of these for my colleagues and they were raving about it! Since I actually brought a mixture of lip tints, masks and pressed powders for them to choose from, all the lip tints were quickly snapped within minutes! I guess girls just always have a thing for lip products right? 😉

Actually you can find many similar collaborations (like Face Shop coming up with Disney Princesses collections, Peripera and Powerpuff Girls, etc) and do get ’em as they are usually limited editions and it’s something you rarely find in the future!


So you know that Koreans are very big on their lip-degradation style, and if you want to try this out, I recommend the lip collections from Peripera! You can find their products in Clio and goodness, there are just so many nice colors and I felt like buying ’em all!


What I got were some colors from their Ink Velvet collections, which is matte on the lips. For more glossy finish, you can try their Peri Ink collections instead. The Ink Velvet’s texture is so creamy and very whipped-cream feel, and it’s easy for you to tap and create that ombre-lip effect. The colors that I got are more reddish, coral and pink. When I swatched some of the red colors on my hand, they actually looked quite dark and very pigmented, so I thought the darker colors may be too intense for me. However, when I applied it on my lips, the colors actually turned out to be lighter than those in my hand! I still adore them, but I wish I did buy some of their darker colors too!


How pretty are these?!

Etude House

Oh my goodness, another brand that I did not think I would have so much fun trying is Etude House! Yes, they are available here in Singapore but I hardly ever visit their store, and I’m not very familiar with their products. I always have the impression that their products are more geared towards teenagers due to their princessy store design and cutesy packaging. However, the image just seems very different in Korea. I found myself wanting to check their stores and try some of their best-sellers.


One product that they kept recommending at that time was this BB Cushion called Any Cushion All-Day Perfect. It’s advertised as lightweight cushion that would last the whole day and perfect for any occasions, and I actually got this for only 9,800 won which is only about S$12! I wore this religiously during my trip, and no complaint so far, it did the job and gave me decent coverage without making my skin oily or shiny.


And.. another product from Etude House that I’m loving is their Dear Darling tint! Oh my goodness, I just saw this photo and I love the wine color at the very right end. I need to check it out if the Singapore store has it! I purchased their deep red color to try, and surprisingly was hooked!

What is also impressive is their lasting power because it stays in your lips practically the whole day! In Korea, there were many days I only put this on in the morning and at night I could still see the color despite having full meals and snacks and being out and about the whole day. What I do is apply it in the inner corner of the lips (again, for the ombre effects) and just smack the colors with your lips together or use your hands to pad on it, and voila! The colors are so pigmented too! However, as this is a lip tint, the finishing is more glossy and watery so if you prefer a matte effect, then you probably would prefer the Peripera Ink Velvet!


Okay, this is technically not a makeup brand, but I guess it still falls under Beauty, therefore I shall put it in here because guys! I am loving their contact lenses! I am obsessed and I. WANT. TO. BUY. THEM. ALL!

The only reason why I did not rob their stores yet is simply because I did not know whether their lens would be comfortable! As some of the colors that I liked are for monthly use, and I’m used to wearing dailies these days, I’m worried for the comfort level, so I only bought 3 different colors to try. But I have since tried their lens, and they are comfy guys! I do not even feel like my eyes are dry at the end of the night, and their colors are so unique and pretty! It’s not the same as just the usual colors you can find here in normal optics.

Check out these amazingly pretty colors..


I can’t, guys…


I know the photos are probably photoshopped, but seriously! TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!


The colors are so ridiculously pretty! Also, they are priced reasonably cheap! The monthly ones is just 20,000 won for 2 lens (=S$25), and their daily lens is 30,000 lens for 20 pieces (S$37). The store often has buy-1-get-1 promo some more, which makes it even cheaper! It’s definitely something I would highly recommend you guys if you like to wear colored lenses! 🙂

Other Worthy Mentions..

Face Shop for their Aloe Vera Gel which is cheaper than Nature Republic’s ones (in fact, the Face Shop one is 99% aloe vera, as opposed to Nature Republic 92%’s!)


I use this daily guys, as a moisturizer too, and it leaves a very cooling sensation which is surprisingly absorbed by the skin fast and does not leave your skin feeling oily or watery. Also, good to bring for travel as your skin normally gets dry overseas and this can help you soothe dryness and patchiness.

Holika Holika if you like anything Gudetama!


This is another collab that you can’t miss if you’re a Gudetama fan! I am not, so I did not really buy anything from here, although their packaging is just so cute!

Pony Effect because of… well, Pony!


I love Pony and her videos! She’s so pretty and a very talented make-up artist, so I was really excited to check out her collections there. You can find Pony Effect at Memebox store in Myeongdong or.. I also found them at Watsons over there!

I ended up not getting anything tho, just because I was not looking for something in particular and the prices are not very cheap either. Perhaps I’ll go back and read on more reviews on her bestsellers before picking up any!


I did, however, get the Pony Effect Favorite Lip Fluid (how pretty is the packaging?!) as a present for a friend. I wish she would come out with darker and deeper colors for this though, as the darkest color in this collection is still pretty light for me!

Okay, I’m seriously going for Korea withdrawal now thanks to writing this post! 😉 Let’s just say that my sisters and I brought a big empty luggage to Korea, and went home with an overweight luggage which we had to pay extra for! We did not just go crazy over the beauty products, but we did end up getting plenty of clothes and snacks too!

Korea is indeed a shopping heaven and if any of you are going to Korea.. ping me so that I can ask for a favor and bring me home more of these products and lenses! 😉

Meanwhile.. let’s google those cheap tickets again..

My Morning Routine

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Foundation in shade 3.0

It’s not easy finding a foundation that works well for your skin. For me, this foundation works magic. It’s not drying or making my skin too oily, and I’ve tried numerous brands but I find myself always getting back to this one.



Mixed with Maybelline Babyskin Instant Bright Transformer with SPF 35

Lately I’ve been using this together with my foundation by mixing it together and I can’t really tell the difference but thought that I’d need the SPF anyway so this works well for me so far.



Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light



Compact Powder: Innisfree Mineral UV Whitening Pact with SPF 50



Contour: NYX Highlight & Counter Pro Palette

I love this palette but lately I’ve been trying Maybelline Contouring and Highlighting Stick and I’ve sorta been switching it up. Both are great!


Highlighter: Innisfree Mineral Highlighter

Don’t you just love Innisfree? Their products are so affordable but great quality. I’ve been using their Highlighter for some time and I like that it’s not too flashy or too glittery and it’s appropriate for everyday’s use.



Blusher: Canmake Cream Cheek



Undereye brightener: 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Tears Tank

Got to give a massive shoutout for this, I can’t live without this! I love putting this on the corner of my eye and under it for instant brightening effect! Have been using this same product for over a year every day.



Lip: Sephora Lip Stain

Dare I say that Sephora has probably the best formula of liquid lipsticks out there? It dries very fast but not drying on the lip and it’s very long-lasting! I wish they have more color options, it’s not easy to find certain colors in Sephora. I’ve been addicted to their dark plum colors lately, I’ve been wearing it almost every day that my other lip colors get jealous!



Notice how I’m lacking Eye Shadow, Eye liner and Mascara? Yes, I’m loving the no-eye make-up process since I’m wearing eye-lash extension.

I gotta admit I’m not really missing that 😉

Must-Try Face Mask: LUSH

I don’t know what goes inside a LUSH Face Mask (gold? diamonds? pearls?) but it really works for my skin.

Here, just take my money already.




I have a combination skin, and what it means is essentially that my skin is in puberty. (Existential crisis: am I dry? Or oily? GAH, I can’t decide!)

And besides, LUSH masks are totally natural and they smell wonderful. After applying and rinsing it off, my skin really feels smooth and supple!

What magic is this?!

It’s not the cheapest in the world and it’s only good for 2-3 weeks’ time. I myself had to throw a few because I couldn’t finish it in time, and my heart (and my pocket) was crying. But I guess that means you’re really getting the best quality of the product.

My favorite is the Peppermint Mask and The Sacred Truth.

I’m currently trying out Innisfree Clay Mask, so will post a review once I form an opinion. Meanwhile, stay pretty!

Another Lovely Weekend

My sisters and I got new phones this weekend and we tell ourselves we definitely need to test those new cameras (yeah right!)

Typical weekend for us will be something like this. Grabbing lunch, having our weekly bubble tea (or recently, I’ve been obsessed with the ice coffee from Ya Kun, it’s amazing), followed by shopping sprees from Sephora (it’s a given) and clothes brands!

We did exactly that today. (We are so predictable.)

First, lunch at Face to Face Noodle Shop in City Square Mall.

The noodles are actually pretty good. It’s rare to find good noodles that suit our Indonesian taste buds here in Singapore. This by no means is really comparable to our favorite noodles back home but it’s amongst the better ones I’ve tried here.

Here is their signature pork noodles with Ice Honey Lemon for me!

After lunch, we went to Nex and shopped around in Sephora and I bought this lovely highlighting and contouring pallette from Nyx (S$38). I just decided to give this a go ‘cos I’m a fan of Nyx soft matte lip cream and hopefully their contour set is as satisfying as their lip products 🙂

(I was eyeing the Tarte pallette, but why do you have to be so expensive!)


The price is not so cheap for a Nyx product, but I guess you get quite a handful of colors and products in there. I am excited to play around with this!

After some damage yet again from Sephora, I also bought a top and a romper from MDS Collection. They are just so pretty!

And.. some obligatory playful photos!

My dress is from Zalora and the bag I’m carrying is Michael Kors (my sister’s. I’m just posing!)

Oh weekend, why do you have to pass by so fast?

Let’s talk about: MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor!

Hello. My name is xteena and I have a problem.

Hello, xteena. 

Ah yes. Sometimes I do feel like I have an addiction. Everybody says so. My crime? I am obsessed with lipsticks and I can’t stop.

Yes ladies and gentleman! I am lipobsessed with lipcolors and recently I have been buying a ridiculous amount of lipsticks until my boyfriend said, “You do know you only have one pair of lips, right?”  

Oh, men will never understand. I do feel sorry for them. A bit.

Anyway, I simply love how something as simple as sporting different colors on our lips can really change your look, and your mood. And I thought for this post, I would do my honest review and first impression on the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor that I purchased a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll do more for my other lipsticks but hey, baby steps, kay?

First impression: The packaging

MAC products ain’t cheap, so honesty to me, the packaging of this retro matte liquid lipcolor is not blowing me away. They can certainly do better. As you can see, the tube looks exactly like their usual lipsticks. It almost seems like their product designer just got lazy and said hey, let’s create this totally new product with exactly the same packaging as the ones we already have!

Having said that, it’s not that big of a deal and I know that MAC lipsticks are great and I know the quality will be just as great. The only difference of this from the other MAC lipsticks’ packaging is the bottom half of the tube is transparent, so you can see the color of the product from the outside.

I chose to get the color Tailored to Tease, which is a darker pink – slightly purple tone that looks super gorgeous on the tube! It looks very flattering for my skin tone as well and it really brightens my face.



Wearing it



I love the applicator of this liquid lipstick. It looks so sleek, I love the transparent glass-like part of the applicator, which follows by the brush itself that soaks just the right amount of product for easy application.

It feels so creamy and smooth when you glide the brush on to your lip and I totally love the color on me! It is moisturizing without making my lips look chapped or dry. Usually this is the problem with matte finishing, as it tends to dry out the lip and after a few hours, your lips feel like the Sahara dessert.

Gladly, I can say that I don’t feel that way at all with this MAC liquid lipstick. I can wear this all day and not having to do much touch-up even after I eat and drink throughout the day.

And have I mentioned, that I totally love the color on me?

Putting it through the test

Wearing it for a full day with meals in between is no problem for me. The color lasts all day, although it still does transfer to your spoon, straw, or glass. It doesn’t really bother me that much though, I feel that it’s a small compromise when you can wear it all day without having to do any touch-up. Yipee!

It did make my lips feel a bit dry after 6-7 hours but what I usually do is apply lip balm over the lip color, and it helps!


I think that this liquid lipstick is pretty awesome. It’s not the best formula of liquid lipstick that I have ever tried, but it’s definitely one of the better ones! I enjoy wearing this so much that I actually purchased 2 more colors from this collection: To Matte with Love (third from left) and Personal Statement (far right).