I can’t speak Chinese, now move on.

I have learnt to accept that I'm not gifted when it comes to being Chinese. I wasn't raised in a particularly Chinese culture, and the only Chinese thing I have ever done is probably asking for ang pao during Chinese New Year. But I doubt that counts for much.The thing is, I'm not in touch... Continue Reading →


Test, The Fountainhead

Today two things happened. I passed a dustbin on my way to class, and it was yellow.Oh no, they weren't the things that I'd like to say here. I thought that was a good build-up? Okay, sorry.As you know, I had my first chinese test last Friday. Everyone's supposed to take the test when they... Continue Reading →


At the risk of sounding like a total nerd (which I totally am anyway), I'm hereby declaring my undying love for studying!No, seriously. I know I've been very ungrateful, always complaining and whining during exam periods or assignments' deadlines, but in fact I've been taking those for granted. Afterall, after 16 years of studying, it's... Continue Reading →

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