Look Alike

Isn’t it just amusing when you find a person who looks exactly like someone else you’ve seen before? Well, I think it is. And I’m pretty good with people’s faces, so I notice this a lot.

I found this pretty cool, actually. So I thought I’d put this ‘look-alike’ category to share with you all whenever I ‘spot’ a new pair of similar faces. Let you be the judge. My eyesight and observation skill is pretty damn excellent.

Tonight’s episode will be between Chris Pine and David Sutcliffe.

Chris Pine, (left) starred in Princess Diaries 2, but most of you probably just recognized him as Captain Kirk from Star Trek. And I’m a big fan of David Sutcliffe in Gilmore Girls where he plays an ever-cool-and-witty-Christopher Hayden.

They really do look freakingly alike!

I gotta admit, Chris has the more intense eyes, but I still think David is hotter! (Which is why I should show my best friend this picture since she’s a huge fan of Chris Pine.)