Cous’ birthday at Kiseki! (Day 52)

Let me start this entry by officially wishing a big happy birthday to Cous! He’s 28 now! It’s crazy! I almost couldn’t believe it when Sis mentioned that the next day would be his birthday, because it felt not too long ago that we celebrated his 27th birthday and surprised him with a birthday cake. I remember it vividly in my head still, and it’s amazing how a year has passed since.

Last year I also wrote this on the whiteboard in his room just to get a chuckle outta him. And man! It was indeed a year ago. Holy moly!

This time around though, we wanted to do something a little bit more special, so Sis arranged us to have a birthday dinner at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant over at The Heeren. It was at the spot where Shokudo used to be, but I think they are still under the same management, because the whole feel of the place and even the food tasted somewhat similar with Shokudo.

Alright, so to rate the food, well, it was good. I got to have as many salmon sashimi I wanted! (Woooo!)The variety of dishes were quite diverse and yummy. There’s special snow crab for the dinner-goers and the dessert section was satisfying too! In short, it was great!

During dinner, we somehow got into some serious conversation about the World Cup, politics, and world peace. There’s something comforting about the randomness of it all, though. There’s only a few people in my life that I can actually talk to just about anything and everything.

Some pictures from the night:

In front of the restaurant. (Do I look dorky? I’m wearing my Aladdin-like pants)

With the birthday boy. He still looks 25 to me, actually.

Posing with the big, giant Sumo. Supposedly this is the logo of the restaurant?

My sis is so cute. When she saw this picture, she grinned at me sheepishly and said, “I like this photo! I look skinny because I’m standing next to a really fat person.” Haha!

It was late after we’re done with the dinner, so we dragged ourselves to catch the bus home. It was a good night! Happy birthday again, Cous!


Dinner at Nando’s. (Day 51)

So this week is exciting! On Monday, I met Meli after work for shopping spree in Bugis Street and awesome dinner at Nando’s! For some reason the whole day I started craving the peri-peri chicken and the last time I had it was when I went to KL with Sis. Just recently it opened a branch here in Singapore, so since we were going Bugis anyway, it would be a good time to let Meli try that too. Speaking of the shopping, we got some pretty good deals.

I bought a maxi dress, a top for Meli, and a black Aladdin-like pants. Seriously, it looked better on the mannequin (I’m simply not tall enough), but it was only 10 bucks! Might as well. I wore that to work the next day and everyone was saying it looked cute, but I have a feeling it’s just a nicer way of saying I looked dorky. I felt dorky. It’s just like, every time I come across a baby of a friend or someone I know, the automatic default reaction would be “so cute!” although this may not necessarily be true. Trust me, I’ve seen some ugly babies. But you can’t say that, can you? I mean, yeah, babies are cute in their own unique ways bla bla bla, we’re not talking about that, alright?

But I’m not gonna turn this into some “I Dislike Children” campaign, and it’s not even about that, okay? How could I go from wearing my Aladdin pants into anti-children discussion? Beats me.

Anyway, I had so much fun on the shopping spree, and it was already 8 plus by the time we were done. So we headed out to Nando’s, which was obviously packed and we had to queue for another 15-20 minutes before we got seats.

Yum! Finally, my craving was about to be satisfied!

I ordered the signature 1/2 chicken with peri-peri chips and I tried some spiced rice for the side dish.

Actually this was the picture from the last time I was in Nando’s KL. Silly me! I think I was way too hungry at that time that I simply forgot to snap a picture! But you know, it looked something like that, ‘cos I think I ordered the same thing then too. The half chicken is definitely bigger than in the picture, though! My little sis and I were sharing it, and we asked the waiter whether 1/4 chicken will be enough for the two of us. And looking shocked as if we just asked him how he felt about uncircumcised men, he replied quickly, “Oh no!! It definitely won’t be enough!”

Oooooo-kay. So we got the half chicken and I almost couldn’t move after the meal! I was so full! Sometimes it is better to finish your meal and still feel like you can have dessert, rather than being completely stuffed and unable to move, don’t you think?

I bought the same portion for my sis and cous at home, and we headed back with our stomach stuffed, shopping bags full, and my wallet empty. Sounds like a good day!

Good Saturday

A day at the beach did me good yesterday. There’s something very calming about watching the ocean. It was one of those not-so-commercialized beach, one which is not entirely packed by sweaty bodies and bikini babes. The guests were showing up with their wifes and children, their blond hair being swept away by the wind. Waitresses were circling around and handing out drinks, children laughing away throwing balls in the games stands and candy flosses and popcorns were offered at the side.

Despite the heavy rain, people’s mood weren’t much dampened. We all gathered around in the bar to enjoy lunch and everyone squeezed in to avoid the strong wind. It’s funny to see those big-muscles, otherwise-fierce-looking men seemed to mellow greatly when they were holding their children, like they would break if they held them too tightly. People really do change once they have kids, priorities are sorted out, what was important feels frivolous now.

Sushi, fried rice and noodles, teriyaki chicken and chicken wings were on the menu; beer, wine and soft drinks were available all around, of course. Music was blasting through the speaker, enough to get everyone in a light and outgoing mood, and just enough not to get them to move their arses as if this were a dance club.

After lunch, the rain miraculously stopped, and the weather soon became scorching hot. I must have had at least 5 glasses of fruit punch and 2 Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at that point. I’m definitely full and in such a state of a happy daze.

I can get used to this.