Mid-Week Blues

I'm in bed and I completely missed the time to write today. Because of this.. Cheeseeeeee pizza! Always remember Kevin from Home Alone whenever I see cheese 🍕! Yum! Had a nice chill dinner and this man came to disturb me from my peaceful night. Okay fine kidding. Today I am so busy and it... Continue Reading →


Productive Day-Off

Yay! Who doesn't love a public holiday on a weekday! Okay, you may disagree (but I don't think so..) but don't you think that one of the best (underrated) feelings in the world is going to bed at night and not having to set an alarm! Hey, we gotta be thankful for the little things,... Continue Reading →

Not the best.

Today is just one of those days that I'm just too tired to fight this internal stress that's been clouding my mind. I'm normally my own best cheerleader, I tell myself I'm thinking too much, I psych myself up and I create my own excitement. However, today I just don't feel like fighting it. I'm... Continue Reading →

Home-Bound Weekend

For today's post, I feel like writing about my recent trip home. Last month my sister and I flew back to Jakarta for the weekend. It's been a year since I went back home and it's a much-needed getaway. I really miss the friendliness of Indonesian people, the familiar sightings of the neighbourhood that I... Continue Reading →

Adulting is hard.

Hello Saturday! Unlike other weekends, I woke up relatively early (okay about 12 noon but hey! I said relatively.. and I'm known to sleep way past noon on my days off.. yes, I'm a bum..) for an appointment at a bridal studio to look at gowns. It suddeny dawned on me that my wedding is... Continue Reading →

FriYay Catch-Up

Busy, busy Friday, so I'm grateful to have spent some downtown time with my unnie and twin after work. We had mookata at Golden Mile and we ate til our hearts content and the whole thing just cost $45! I got myself a Singha beer for $8 and the bottle was huge! It was definitely... Continue Reading →


I get very shy and uncomfortable everytime people compliment me for my accent.I don't think I have an accent, and thus, I tend to not know how to react or respond to these compliments simply because they don't feel right.Obviously if let's say, I'm warm and friendly in real life and you say, "You're so... Continue Reading →

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