This Unlikely Saturday

Thank goodness it’s weekend. Just wanted to post what I’ve been doing this past week besides work. Um, wait. Let me think for a moment. I must have done something, right? Saw a movie, maybe? No. Had nice dinner at restaurant? Not really. Was out with friends, not colleagues? No. Oh shit, I am turning boring. All I wanna do after another day at work is just go home and sleep.

We are now cordially invited to a funeral. Let’s all grief and mourn the loss of…my social life!

This morning, which is a Saturday, if I have to remind you, I have to yet wake up early again when the birds (and 3/4 of population) are still sleeping. Apparently someone despises us so much that we need to take our exam on a public holiday, sort of.

The school messed up again, and I had to lose more than half an hour to finish the exam. Dumbass. Not that it would make much difference, though. Staring at the blank paper for half an hour would do little to suddenly make that difference, but still. I’d like to think that I have the option. “I still have half an hour to go, but I really don’t know the answers to all these.. oh well, I better just go,” than “My time’s up! Time’s up! No time! No time! I haven’t answered this question! And this! And this! No time already! No time already! What to do! Oh god!” Yep, something like that.

But after that, things significantly improved. Went for a make-up and photo sessions (wasn’t as glamorous as it sounded, but exciting for sure, but it was more like doing a favor for another friend, will post up some pictures from it later), and tomorrow I’m planning to have indian buffet lunch and going to Sentosa afterwards, so it sounds like a plan. For now, though, I just wanna catch up with some sleep. Damn, man, I really am old.