Eye Crisis

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!

I am officially in dire need of an optometry! My gosh, my right eye is freaking red as if some gangster has just beaten the crap out of me. I’m technically blind without my lens, it’s just so awful.

Decided to pay a visit to the clinic but it was already closed! The clinic’s closed at four freaking thirty! I mean, who goes to the bloody clinic before four freaking thirty in the afternoon?!

Unless I ask for a half-day work from the office, I don’t see how I can ever get my eye checked. I hope tomorrow at least it’s getting better (I don’t look dangerous or epidemic anymore) eventhough I’m pessimistic. I mean, what is wrong with my eye? It’s not used to throwing a temper tantrum like this and now it’s above the sensitivity of a bloody Mimosa pudica! Help!