Weekend in KL

I’m back to civilization from Kuala Lumpur over the weekend!

No, I’m kidding. KL was great! I had an awesome, albeit short time there. In fact, it feels just perfect, having another day will probably spoil the rotten ouf of the whole thing, ‘cos two nights with a snoring man is still tolerable, but any longer, you may have to shoot me. I need my beauty sleep, period.

We stayed at Ancasa Hotel, which is very convenient ‘cos Chinatown was just right around the corner, and you can always find cheap and good food over there. The place’s constantly packed too with tourists and locals selling various stuffs from T-shirts and fake designer handbags. The amount was just overwhelming! We spent nights having beers or cups of coffee in the street, enjoying the noise and surroundings and people singing ‘Country Roads’. It was pretty darn awesome.

Sometime, during the day, my dad or Laurie would crave a cup of coffee (the thing about travelling with caffeine-junkies), and we had to find a little coffee shop, conversed in funny Malay slangs (which I always found amusing, cos some Malay words sound funny to me) with the locals around, and I don’t know, it’s just more liberating talking to people when you’re a tourist, for some reason, as if that gives us an excuse to be an annoying blabber-mouth.

And of course, I visited the Twin Tower. I never really see a big deal of the place, but it’s just like, Merlion to Singapore, or well, what’s the equivalent of that in Jakarta, I wonder? I’d say Monas? It’s like, you gotta go there, otherwise you haven’t really been there, you know? But well, I enjoyed it too, and the tower was rather majestic in my opinion, which was cool. (Man, I love it that I just used the word majestic.)

We went to a couple of shopping malls also, like the Times Square, Sungai Wang and Bukit Bintang. Saw the KL Tower from afar, and wandered around aimlessly through the city. Oh! I had a full body massage over there too, which was a complete bliss!

I’ve always been kinda skeptical about massaging shops like these, ‘cos they seemed rather shady, and I heard lots of dogdy stories from people too. So my dad made sure we chose the ‘legit-looking’ shop, although it was also in the side of the street. It wasn’t in the mall or hotel or anything; it was just this little stand and as we were passing though, the workers approached us with the brochures of the service. It was a scorching hot afternoon, and I was like, ‘man, a massage right now will just be amazing,’ So I went in and had an hour of complete zen.

It seems like I was the only female customer in there though,which was…well, interesting. They asked if I wanted a male or female massaeur, what do you reckon?!

One thing I love about taking trips is also the fact that I got to stay in a hotel. It’s not that this experience is particularly exciting in itself, but I don’t know, I just love hotels. I love hotel rooms and I love the breakfast every morning. Hotel breakfast is one of the best thing in life, and also totally underrated.

There’s a downside of KL too. Well, it’s maybe not a downside, it’s just a fact. Every country’s different, right? Their taxis, for example. Although it’s clearly written ‘metre-taxi’ in big bold capital letters on the side of the cars, no taxi in KL operates with metre-system. You had to bargain your price, well, they demaded the price is more likely. I have a feeling we were ripped off everytime we took a cab. It’s annoying but that’s the way it is.

But I have no complaints for the rest of the trip. It was fun being with my dad, and seriously, it’s like I turned into five years old again! I kept like, clinging on to him, hugging him and making jokes and it’s like, what the hell is going on with me? Ha-ha. I love my dad.

Anyway, it’s back to reality now, ah bugger. It has been an awesome weekend full of denials (ha!)