Adulting is hard.

Hello Saturday! Unlike other weekends, I woke up relatively early (okay about 12 noon but hey! I said relatively.. and I'm known to sleep way past noon on my days off.. yes, I'm a bum..) for an appointment at a bridal studio to look at gowns. It suddeny dawned on me that my wedding is... Continue Reading →


FriYay Catch-Up

Busy, busy Friday, so I'm grateful to have spent some downtown time with my unnie and twin after work. We had mookata at Golden Mile and we ate til our hearts content and the whole thing just cost $45! I got myself a Singha beer for $8 and the bottle was huge! It was definitely... Continue Reading →

It’s a Hair-y Thing.

I suppose this year will be a year of change for me too! If I can be vain for a little while here, (deal with it, this is my blog!) my hair looks like it's the longest it has ever been, and I'm still deciding how to feel about that.Hm, I've always thought having long hair... Continue Reading →

2015: Our Best Year Yet!

Hello everyone! It's been a long time, I apologize. The last few months of last year have been crazy, and I mean crazy! I spent most of my time in Jakarta, and had my birthday, Christmas and New Year in the superbly breathtaking New Zealand!2014 has been an awesome year, but I know that 2015... Continue Reading →

Living life!

It's been a whirlwind of activities and business these past few weeks! I'm really enjoying my work tho, although it can be overwhelming sometimes. I think the secret to cope with everything is just to keep a positive mindset, and instead of looking at it as obstacles, think of it as challenges and goal that... Continue Reading →

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