Long Weekend (or not)

Long weekend is here! One thing, though, I had class yesterday on a Saturday so technically I will only have 2 days off just like each and every week and I can’t even call it long weekend, can I? But in the spirit of being up and pumping, I’d say, long weekend it is and I won’t hear anything else! Nobody can ruin my good mood! Nope, not even a bad customer service or bad telephone connection!

Well, can I rephrase that?

Speaking of those two, and let me bitch about phone connection first, I don’t know if this irritating crap only happens in connection between Singapore and China only or this always occurs on internation calls, period? It’s so damn annoying ‘cos I’m up on calls to China everyday and try not being able to hear anything from the other end when you’re starting to get so serious or you’re about to disclose an important life-changing information, or when you’re simply about to crack a joke and the other person’s reaction is always, “Huh? What?” Well, it beats the whole serious/life-altering/funny aspects of the whole conversation, right? And as much as I would love to repeat the whole damn thing, again, it won’t sound the same as my first attempt cos the moment has passed (yes! there ARE some moments..)and you just end up getting pissed. Or, that is probably still better than getting disconnected in the middle of a conversation (a serious/life-altering/funny one). It’s like, what the fuck, man?! Far too many times I just wanna strangle or beat the phone down to culp!

And don’t get me started on bad customer service, because seriously it doesn’t make a damn sense. Why work in service industry when you can’t even give a decent service?! Isn’t that the whole point of it all? To give service? And like I have said several times before, if you’re not good with people, then grab a damn lab-jacket or something! Okay, for example, yesterday we (we being the people in the picture above plus two more guys from outer space) went to a shop to get pictures printed, and we needed it pretty urgently. They asked us to write in our name and contact number so one of us did. And then they told us to get back in ten minutes to collect the pictures. So we wandered around the mall and okay, that was already quite late (9.30ish is considered quite late for shops in mall), but ten minutes was all it took, right? So one of us went down after ten minutes or so and guess what??????



Sometimes I wonder if these people are for real. Human beings are supposed to have brains, right? Or common decency? Conscience, maybe? Well apparently not. Apparently somewhere in their makings, they forgot to put in that part. I don’t know whom to blame, really, maybe it’s just an unfortunate error, maybe it’s the food they eat, or….I don’t know, it just stopped functioning sometime around puberty?

Not being nasty, just saying like it is. You all should know I’m not known for being nasty. [Right? Right?] It’s just stupidity in bimbotic proportion how it happened, really.

So, moving to a more pleasant topic. Yesterday I had dinner at Newton and it has been a while since I went there, but I enjoyed a heavenly spread of food: BBQ stingray, fried calamari, omelette with oysters, kang kong, yummm! It was so good especially the fish! So I was a happy girl last night! It doesn’t take much to get me happy, does it? Just feed the girl, that’s the solution!

Anyway, I know I haven’t been writing here for at least a full week and I apologize for that. School has been kinda time-consuming, and I know the class is only like, three and a half hours everyday, but the topic just left me feeling drained afterwards so I end up taking afternoon naps after getting back from school on some days. It’s an American history and politics class, and whereas the subject itself is interesting, it’s tough and the lecturer is tough. You can tell that he expects a lot from his students and instead of him lowering his standard, we’re the ones having to raise it a notch to match up his expectation. Everyday he would spend half the time lecturing us about the topics, from current political issue to basically everything else, and the other half showing us videos on american history. Watching the video is interesting because the history is presented visually rather than just verbally, but still, there are just so much to memorize and absorbed.

So keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂

In the mean time, enjoy your long weekend and I’ll catch you around!