How I took part (and finished) my very first marathon.. (ever)

Last Sunday, I took part in my very first marathon!

“Whaaaaat?” I can hear all of you screaming in disbelief.

“But…. it can’t be! You are the laziest, most unfit person I know!” Yes, I can still hear that!

Honestly (and shamelessly), it’s true. What do you expect from a girl whose favourite past-time is sleep, and favourite day is Sunday just because she can sleep some more?

But hey, this year is all about change, right?

And I’m at that point where I feel that things are going well for me. Having a change of job this year is a huge positive step, and I’m truly happier, more aggressive than ever to do things that are normally out of my comfort zone.

So when I came across Great Eastern Marathon and one of my colleagues persuaded me to take part, I was like “Oh yes baby! This is for the new and improved Tina!” and before I knew it, I’ve signed up for 10km.

I thought I would have trained for it, but I didn’t. Oh wait, I did, once. I ran and walked mostly for about 6km, and the second training never happened because oh well, life happened.

*Dramatic pause*

Next thing I knew, I was sent to Jakarta for over a month, and the race was nearing, in fact it was just a week away when I finally remembered that I haven’t been exercising at all!

But it was too late to back out and besides, in my mind I was like, “How bad can it be?” So being an overconfident person (overcompensating for the fact that I really am not fit at all), I went to the race with 0 training. It was the first time I put on my running shoes after probably 2 months. Ha!

Before the race, having serious “Wtf, what am I thinking?” moment.

But hey, the fact that I’m writing this, 2 days after the race, means that I am still alive! Yay! And I completed the race with flying colors! (I’m also the teacher who passes the flying color mark) And although now my whole body is sore, and I’m walking with a limp, I feel really happy and proud that I did it! I would never think that I would be able to run 10km in my current state.

Mind over matter, baby.

The race was a fun experience. There were tens of thousands of people participating, and it’s indeed encouraging to have so many people running around you; you can’t be the only one slacking, can you?

Tina, time to hide your true color. Act like you’re so into running!  

But seriously, there were times I had to stop running and did a slow-jog or brisk-walk instead, but overall I think I did okay and I enjoyed it! It was fun coming to different checkpoints, each km brought a wide grin over to our faces, and really, when you were in the moment, you couldn’t even have thought of quitting. The energy was awesome!

And look, before I knew it, I completed it! (Not really, actually I knew it very, very clear) 

So that’s the story of how I managed to do my very first marathon. I even have the medal to prove it! 🙂

Hey, if a lazy Tina can run for 10km, millions of life’s possibilities are now within reach!

Kids! Go out there and explore! Be a scientist! Go to space! Learn dothraki! Anything’s possible!