Lazy Monday

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose hand is the fairest of ’em all?

A little funny gesture on the train, which got us some strange nasty look from fellow passengers.

‘Ahoy there mate! What are you looking at?’ I said. And then we ran out of the train to avoid some raw eggs and dirty tissues being thrown at us.

Today feels like Sunday with it being a day off and everything, and I woke up by a message from Eric saying, “Suppose the pig hasn’t arisen yet!” Well yeah! I wouldn’t have been arisen if not thanks to you! I wasn’t sure if it was the being woken up from my wonderful sleep, or the pig reference part that bothered me, but either one was enough to throw me into PMS mood the whole day.

Well, at first. And then I made myself a hot cereal drink and I felt a lot better. I could even text him back in a civilized way. I spent the afternoon playing my keyboad and singing with the chairs as the audience so there was no way they could ‘boo’ me. In fact, I swear they even looked encouraging.

But, the holiday’s over and it’s school again tomorrow. Though, he’s coming next week so I have that to look forward to! And my best friend’s back in town so everything seems better!

This entry is totally meaningless. My day is totally meaningless. Gosh. The pig is back.