Let’s do OOTD!

Let’s take some photos! (And since my place is up the highest level, the ride on the lift plus the full-length mirror makes the perfect #ootd moments!)
Anyway I’m not what you call a fashionista, but sometimes it’s just good to have fun with my outfits! I hardly shop outside these days, but I try.. And when I can’t, then online shopping is the next best thing!
Here are some outfits from last week that I thought would be fun to show off cos they’re kinda different from my usual get-go.
So I got this cute colorful jumper from Zalora and so far I love to wear it on the weekends. The off-shoulder sleeve is a fun lil’ touch to the outfit, and just pair it with my red small bag from Nine West, off I go!
I’ve been wanting to sport this flannel look for a while cos it looks casual yet trendy. It gives an extra ‘tomboyish’ style to the otherwise boring tanktop-and-shorts combination. I wore this on the weekend as well, but I think I can do a Casual Friday to work on this too with nice pair of jeggings and heels! Got the flannel shirt from Topshop and the shorts is from Cotton On.
Okay, I wasn’t too sure about this one cos I usually don’t wear pencil skirts. Usually my go-to work outfits are dresses. But I saw this skirt online and it looked great on the model (of course right?) so I thought I’d give it a try. I was gonna wear a shirt and tuck it in the skirt, but I realize that my hip is lower than most people, so whenever I wear a skirt, it doesn’t fall nicely but always a bit too high for me because of my hip-disposition. So I decided to just look for a top which hangs loosely and not too long so I didn’t have to tuck it in and my hip wouldn’t really show. 
Surprisingly I quite like this combination so I’ll experiment more with different tops and maybe similar skirts.

Oh and I really love this dress! It looks like a 2-piece but it’s actually a one-piece dress. Got this from Zalora also from their Chinese New Year collection so you see the details on the top is very new year-feel! So pretty right? And it has high-neck design so it kinda feels like a cheongsam top. I wore this on the first day of Chinese New Year during visitation and so far I love it!
That’s all for now! If you like seeing more of this post, let me know and I can try doing maybe a weekly OOTD compilation. It could be fun, although it probably will get boring after a while 🙂
Have a lovely weekend, people! And stay awesome!

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.

I need to get this off my chest.

I’ve come a long way since I was a silly 20-year old living out in my parents’ place, spending money and partying away. I was that kid who needed validation, who loved being the center of attention, surrounded by friends because I couldn’t take being alone. I didn’t want to be lonely – so I overcompensated. 
I made bad choices, yes I know. But who doesn’t? I’ve grown to someone who’s comfortable enough being in her own skin, who no longer needs a comformation from society to ‘fit in’ and be accepted. I learned that it’s not a matter of how many friends you have, or how many parties you go to that makes you a better person. 
I’m finally content – with the job that I’m passionate about, my family and partner of the past 4 years, and close friends I’ve known for years. It used to be ‘hey I don’t agree with your life choices and materialistic, hedonistic behaviour but let’s be friends nonetheless’ but now I take comfort in the fact that I can get away from people who are toxic and negative.. and be okay with that decision.
So seriously. You. I don’t hate you. I’ve known you for so long and I’ve tried my best to help you out. To offer a listening ear, to support you in your choices, but man, maybe it’s time for me to think about me because you’re bringing me down. I care about you, but I can’t go through the same thing all over again when I feel that you’re never listening to me and no matter how many times I told you to do something, you say yes and you agree, but you never do it! And again and again, you come to me and complain, and get frustrated, but what do you expect? If you never do something about it, how would you expect things to change?

We’re adults enough to know that we can’t control other people’s action, or that we can’t even control the situation that is happening to us, but all we can control is our own action. And if someone is just consistently beating you down, bringing your self esteem to a down low, belittling you, making everything a competition and shoving it in your face that you can’t win… this person is NOT your friend and you should keep this person out of your life once in for all. Because fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me.

I’m fine being your punching bag sometimes if I know that at least you’re trying to be better, to make things right. But how much more of it can I take? 

I have enough things on my plate as it is. Everyone has responsibilities right? I love my job but it’s keeping me busy all the time, and the traveling isn’t so bad nowadays but it was quite bad a few months ago when I had to be out of the country most of the time. My relationship takes effort too. I have my own insecurities, God knows that. I have a lot of issues. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m good enough – I push my boyfriend away because I’m convinced he’s better off without me. 

What I’m saying is.. maybe I would have had more patience if this were happening in my early 20s. But I can’t deal with this right now because I have my own things to worry about. I’ve reached the limit and I don’t want to be mean. I wish you all the best and I hope you can sort out your life and feel confident again. I hope all that, and more. But I’m sorry that I can’t be there to see you repeat the same mistakes and complain about the same thing over and over again. 

It’s a Hair-y Thing.

I suppose this year will be a year of change for me too! 

If I can be vain for a little while here, (deal with it, this is my blog!) my hair looks like it’s the longest it has ever been, and I’m still deciding how to feel about that.
Hm, I’ve always thought having long hair is super troublesome, especially since I would need more time to wash and dry my hair in the morning (gawd that 5 minutes of extra sleep makes a LOT of difference!) Before I had it permed, my hair was this big ball of mess. Naturally thick, but neither straight nor wavy, it was a disaster. Everyday I would wash, dry and style it so that it wouldn’t look like I just came straight from the cave with my roomate, Caesar the Ape. 
But, coming back to now, I’m pretty happy with my hair because lazy me doesn’t have to do much than just to dry it after showering. And having a long hair somehow makes me feel more.. feminine. Yes  okay that may sound stupid, but that’s the truth! And, my face looks less chubby. (What’s new?)
But yeah, it’s getting long.. and now the question is, what should I do?
Before I knew it, I had dialled my hairdresser’s number and made an appointment for tomorrow. I guess we’ll see what happens. (Maybe I would be tickled with that impulsive bug and decide to chop it all off..)