random pictures

I haven’t gotten the rest of the pictures from the beach outing last weekend, so I can’t post those here yet, but here are some really random pictures, which may not interest you at all.

Anyway, my friend asked me to take a picture with me wearing the I LOVE SD shirt he got me a couple months back, but since I had no one in the house to help me take, I resorted to my own webcam, which doesn’t really have the best quality resolution, I guess that part is obvious.

At least you can see the words on the shirt, which is really the point in all this, right? You don’t need to see me because you’re damn bored of me already, and you don’t really care about the picture quality because it’s not like you wanna print it out and count the freckles on my face. You just wanna see the shirt, I got it.

So the original picture from the webcam is this.

Which is really quite bad, with all the blurriness and the dim lighting, you can barely tell it’s me, so I took it to the picture editor to make it slightly more presentable.

Okay, so apparently I’m no good at this either, all I did was adjust the contrast and mirror the image and create reflection. Big deal.

But I just like playing around and messing with different photo editing websites ‘cos each of them offers different things. Like this pinkish tone.

It’s so much fun in a dorky kinda way.

Anyhow. I guess you don’t need to ask about how I feel about the beautiful San Diego? =)