My throat hurts, my nose is running non-stop and my head spins. Shit. I hate being sick.

I was perfectly fine on Saturday and was still going out at night to watch the World Cup with some friends. The next day, straight after waking up, my throat already hurt and I couldn’t stop sneezing for the life of me. We went to JP for lunch, and I wasn’t feeling very well by then. I told my sister I didn’t want to stay long and my body was just dying for a nap.

We got back at probably, 4, and I crashed straight to bed. Somehow this didn’t help much either, and I woke up in sweat a few hours later, still sneezing and the amount of tissues I’ve wasted probably would affect directly to the global warming.

Went to the doctor last night and was told it was a case of flu. I thought I’d feel better today after having the medication, but this morning was even worse. I didn’t want to take the day off since I’m still so new and everything, but at that state I really couldn’t bring myself to head to the shower, let alone go to work.

Hope this feeling passes by quickly. 😦


I feel like crap.

Literally, though.

I mean, yeah, I’ve been having a really bad flu and cough since last week, but it’s just flu, isn’t it? I wasted a ridiculous amount of tissues everyday, but otherwise I’ve been feeling okay, as okay as someone with a flu, that is.

Damn, last night, though, I couldn’t sleep. My whole body was shivering even though my air-con was set-up to 26 degrees. I tossed and turned and I was in a curling-up position throughout the night, I had to double my pajamas with a long pants and another baggy shirt to keep me warm, and I was still feeling cold despite being covered by blanket.

This morning as I finally woke up, my head was banging and I felt so weak. I stayed in bed until noon, realized that I had to get up sooner or later. I had to eat something if I wanted to take Panadol, which I did. There was some leftover of mashed potato from last night so I just heated that up and finished it without appetite. Gulping down the Panadol with a glass of Redoxon, I snuggled back to bed, feeling lifeless as ever.

I hate being sick.

ps. I just took another Panadol without eating anything else, I mean, whatever. There’s no food in the house anyway. Yeah, leave it to me to buy a banana-chocolate jam the other day and not get bread.