Road Trip Series: Epic Nights at San Francisco

This story will be the last installment of my graduation trip to the States back in 2009! If you miss the earlier posts in the series, make sure you follow our adventures: In LA where we hailed a police car because we wanted to go to Disneyland. In San Diego where we went to Sea... Continue Reading →


Japan Trip Circa 2016

It's been over 2 years since my last trip to Japan and I'm so excited to finally be back this year! (Yes, I'm planning for a trip at the end of the year - my graduation from singlehood!) And as I was looking at the old photos from that last trip, I realized that I haven't... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong and Them Jellyfish!

Last weekend Dearie and I packed our bags and went on our first holiday again since... Bali. (Okay, that wasn't so long ago, I was hoping I could make a more dramatic story by saying that it was our first trip since UK last year and how we really needed this break..) But! For a... Continue Reading →


Now let’s move on to the part of the trip that Dearie loves the most: Manchester! Being a Manchester United’s biggest fan, it has been his lifelong dream to watch his favorite team in the one and only Theatre of Dreams, and I was more than happy to oblige! He has bought us tickets to... Continue Reading →


I haven't written much about my trip to UK, so I'm going to try now. I hope I'm not forgetting any important stuffs! I have a memory worse than a goldfish so yeah, bear with me here!So, UK, yeah! Let me just say that it was like a dream being there! I had a big... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project – Day 20-23

1. I spent the last three days in Bintan with my family! It was such a great trip, and it was awesome being away from the city into the peacefulness of the nature and the great ocean. I definitely was in my element!We tried out jetski and banana boat and we swam at the sea,... Continue Reading →

Ode to my oldest friend!

I'm back to civilization! Well okay, not that I've been gone to the jungle or anything, but I went to Batam for a few days to meet a friend of mine, and I had a really nice time! I've never been there before, and I imagined a hectic mess just like Jakarta, but it wasn't... Continue Reading →

Back from Sea!

I'm back from a super awesome short trip during this long weekend at Sibu Island!Amongst many other things I love (which I'm actually currently making a list of...yes, really), I realized just how much wonderful it is being near the ocean.I guess being a city girl all my life, I don't really indulge myself in... Continue Reading →

Weekend in KL

I'm back to civilization from Kuala Lumpur over the weekend!No, I'm kidding. KL was great! I had an awesome, albeit short time there. In fact, it feels just perfect, having another day will probably spoil the rotten ouf of the whole thing, 'cos two nights with a snoring man is still tolerable, but any longer,... Continue Reading →

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