My [probably] best purchase

So let me just here to tell you all how much I love Vaseline.

Okay, that sounds very dorky indeed. What Vaseline, you ask? You can’t not know Vaseline, okay? It’s that petroleum jelly (that yellow cream) we use to “moisturize, heal dryness and protects minor cut, scrapes and burns.” At least that’s what the container says.

In reality, though, it’s useful for so many other purposes. And that’s why this tiny little bugger could very be my most ‘profitable’ purchase ever. Goes to show that the best thing in life sometimes is only worth less than 5 dollars. Ha!

Anyway, there was a funny story in itself when I bought this in a local convenient store a long time ago. I was looking around in the rows of similar products, and I picked up to examine this bottle of Vaseline.

An older woman who was standing beside me suddenly spoke up, “that’s really good. I have that too.” Okay, that never quite happened before, I thought. Weird. I smiled politely and continued probing around the products.

The woman left, and another woman came by. Again, when she saw me holding the Vaseline, she said, “You should get that, it’s really good.”

Goodness gracious! Am in some kind of skit, I wonder? These women weren’t the sales people or anything. Besides, they only have one type of Vaseline, it’s not like people would need help with it.

I would still get it at that time even when there weren’t these random validations from complete strangers, but I have to admit that it probably made a little effect. Anyway, what I found out later on, is that you can apply Vaseline to almost anything and anywhere in your body!

Like, putting it around your toes and the back of your feet to prevent blisters and pain when us girls are wearing heels. And, I use it the most to heal dry lips. Now this is seriously great. I often have dry lips, so before bed I would apply Vaseline on my lips and the next morning, my lips would look plump and healthy!

I wouldn’t say plump like Angelina Jolie’s ‘cos that would be a revelationary! But it defintely makes it significantly plumper, and softer. I even heard that you can apply it on your eyelashes and it can make them nicer and longer!

I can’t believe I just made an entry dedicated to petroleum jelly! But this is awesome, and I’m feeling bimbotic enough this morning to put this on writing. =p

ps. Yeah, I’m back from KL. I’ll write an entry on that hopefully later tonight!