Adulting is hard.

Hello Saturday! Unlike other weekends, I woke up relatively early (okay about 12 noon but hey! I said relatively.. and I'm known to sleep way past noon on my days off.. yes, I'm a bum..) for an appointment at a bridal studio to look at gowns. It suddeny dawned on me that my wedding is... Continue Reading →


FriYay Catch-Up

Busy, busy Friday, so I'm grateful to have spent some downtown time with my unnie and twin after work. We had mookata at Golden Mile and we ate til our hearts content and the whole thing just cost $45! I got myself a Singha beer for $8 and the bottle was huge! It was definitely... Continue Reading →

Quickie about the new Transformers movie!

So here are some of my thoughts after watching Transformers: Age of Extinctions:1. Oh Michael Bay, you did it again!2. Those scenes - panoramic view of a wide open space against the orange, sunset sky and killer soundtrack.. seen them in past Transformers movies, see it again here. I'm pleased to see those!3. Mark Wahlberg... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project – Day 36

Chilling Sunday1. Enjoyed great fried rice with mushroom for lunch while watching Arrested Development. Season three!2. Received some good news from someone. Will fill you in with the details once everything is confirmed.3. Paid my phone bills, which is a good thing, right? ;)4. Today marks the end of the long weekend, it's time to... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project – Day 34-35

Smile Friday ~ 28 May 20101. Woke up really, really late. The first since I could remember. And it felt great!2. Saw more 'Arrested Development' episodes. I know I've said it before, but the show is simply hilarious!3. Went out for dinner at this new Chinese restaurant where we had this awesome dishes. Really yummy!... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project – Day 33

1. Filling in media role today for work 'cos the media person just left the company. I was much busier, but if I have to take the positive, at least time passed faster that way!2. Had nice catch-up dinner with Jeremy. I haven't seen him in a few months! So it was great seeing him... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project – Day 28-30

22 May 20101. Came back from work on time and took a ride from my dear colleague from office to home, which means I saved about an hour of otherwise commuting time by train!2. Went for BBQ at Sophia’s place and enjoyed good food with good company. Thanks, babe!3. I invited Wazzy for the BBQ... Continue Reading →

Happiness Project – Day 19

1. Yeay, it's Thursday! My last day of work this week!2. Felt very productive at work, accomplished lots of stuffs! It's a busy day, but a good kind of busy, you know?3. Went back with my friend, and she dropped me at Newton while I cheerfully made my way back home thinking of the great... Continue Reading →

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