weirdly inviting look?

My sister said my default face looks ‘dumb’ (thanks, sis, I love you too!), but it mustn’t be the case. It must have looked either bored or strangely inviting.

The reason for saying this, and I’m all for science here, meaning everything must have a reason and cause, motive and evidence, is that I learnt about this particular, otherwise meaningless fact about my default face from an interesting chain of events I experienced yesterday.

I was waiting for friends at Bugis, and normally I like browsing around bimbotic magazines in the bookstore while waiting for someone, because just standing waiting, doing nothing seems too sad. But yesterday evening I wasn’t in the bimbo mood; on the contrary, I was feeling excited to see Angels and Demons. So I just bought myself a drink, and stood outside. Doing particularly nothing and well, just waiting.

And this was when my default face must have occured.

Within 5 minutes, I was approached by a caucasian couple. From their hats, bermuda shorts and sneakers, I knew they must be tourists. But well, I guess I would have known anyway because of this:

“Excuse me, where is Bugis street?” the husband asked.

I got asked for directions from people and shameful to say, most times I couldn’t even help because I possessed no sense of direction whatsoever. One time I even said, “Oh, I’m not sure, I’m new here,” even though I have lived here for three-some years.


But yesterday it so happened that Bugis Street is actually just right opposite the road, so for once I smugly replied, “Oh yes, it’s just right over there.”

They thanked me as if I just saved their whole evening, and I basked in their gratitude. Ehm. Kidding. Of course I’m kidding. It’s not a big deal at all. Just giving directions, no sweat.


I continued sipping my peach milk tea when just minutes after after, two girls came over and introduced themselves.

“I like your contacts,” one girl said, “I’ve been wanting to use contacts but my eyes are too sensitive.”

They proceeded by the usual ‘what’s your name?’, ‘are you a student?’ and ‘are you waiting for someone?’ questions before going straight to the point.

“Do you have facebook?”

I must have let out a giggle at this point, because the whole thing was just so funny and random. I told them that, yes, I do have facebook, and yes, I will [maybe..] add you, and yes, I will [a big maybe..] call them if I’m around the area sometime.

They thanked me for my time and friendliness, and I thanked them for, what? I don’t know, it just seemed like the polite thing to say. Maybe they just wanna sell me something, and build up some kind of relationship first so I wouldn’t say ‘no’ instantly. Who knows?

After they left, my friend still hasn’t arrived yet, and I focused my attention to children playing around in the waterfountain. I always wonder why these parents would let their kids get soaking wet in the middle of the mall, but came up empty.

Suddenly a guy and a girl came approaching, and I simply couldn’t believe this! What is it about me that screams “I’m bored! Come talk to me!” ?

After yet another introductionary round, [yeah, 22 is fabulous, but what’s the point of the high-five?] he asked if I had time to do some surveys for his assignment.

“Sorry, as soon as my friend comes, we have to rush,” I said, well, which is true. I pulled out my most apologetic face.

As soon as he left, I called my friend, feeling desperate, “WHERE. ARE. YOU?!!” Thankfully, my friend arrived just in time before the next insurance-seller, survey-taker, lost-tourists or just-plain-weird-girls come approaching.

Maybe I do have a weirdly-inviting default look. ‘Dumb’ doesn’t seem too bad right now.