Weight and Yoga

My yoga mat is so cute! Definitely the cutest one in the class! Yep, I’ve been doing yoga every week now, and I’m loving it! I’m not into intense working out (such as running and pretty much almost all sports there are), but yoga is definitely one of the really few exercises which I enjoy. I think my flexibility is rather impressive.

Speaking of which (exercise, not about being flexible), I’m desperately trying to lose weight. I’m ridiculously ballooning, which is funny in concept, I guess, but not so attrative in person. My weight has been fluctuating lately, and I’m the plumpest I’ve ever been.

I remember as a kid, I’ve never gained weight, even when I ate junk food most of the time and had meals between snacks. Everyone commented, “you’re so skinny!” everytime we went to visit distant relatives or family friends.

So from all that stability in the past, maybe it’s time for fairness to settle in? Equilibrium? I need to gain huge amount of weight to compensate for all those younger years. Of course.

[Normally I cringe seeing old pictures ‘cos I always think I looked so weird in those, but lately I don’t mind flipping open some not-so-recent images when I still felt damn confident wearing skimpy shorts and halter tops. Now my thigh is almost too huge to handle.]

ps. I allow myself to be completely shallow sometimes.